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C1 TAC Vol34No04 144xWelcome back Doctor!
There’s a lot going on across chiropractic, and we’ve been working hard to keep you up to date, and ahead of the curve with regard to many of the changes.
Questions that may run through your mind in the late night, or early morning may include, “Am I covered?”,  “Did I properly inform my patient of risks associated with chiropractic?”,  “What are the risks to chiropractic which could be argued in court?”.  In most cases, your malpractice insurance company should have already laid out a plan of protection for you.  The topic of informed consent has been slowly expanding its way into the statutes, and bylaws of state chiropractic boards, which is why Stuart Hoffman, D.C. has chosen to use this opportunity to educate you on how your responsibilities change, with this new requirement for patients.  Flip to page 40 right now to read about informed consent, and the various additional forms required for your practice, if your state requires it.
Speaking of Insurance, one area that has undergone a complete overhaul in many states is Personal Injury.  Don’t miss this opportunity to familiarize yourself with some methods being employed to continue treating with the new P.I. laws being implemented.  Florida is the most recent casualty of the P.I. overhaul, however, several states are working versions through their respective houses.
All this, and more, in your April 2012 Issue of The American Chiropractor Magazine, with the features being, Cancer & Chiropractic, Malpractice Insurance, and Practice Coaching!


Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.
Managing Director
The American Chiropractor Magazine

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