Promoting the Chiropractic Profession Thru Indy Car Racing


chiroindy500For both John Wagner, D.C., Davenport ’76, who practices in Lafayette, Ind., and Dr. Wagner’s son, Brandon—chiropractic and auto racing go hand in hand and not only is Chiropractic a family affair, Dad is a Palmer Graduate, Brandon’s sister is a student at Palmer Davenport where Brandon plans to attend after graduating Purdue this year. Brandon’s other brother Nick, is also a competitive racer who enjoys racing midgets.

For Dr. John Wagner and his son, Brandon, the combination of auto racing and chiropractic makes sense for several reasons. First it keeps Brandon, who competes in Firestone Indy Lights series races, in prime form for the physical demands of his sport. “I want my body to perform at 100 percent when I’m racing, and with chiropractic care, I know I am physically prepared,” Brandon says. He attends Purdue University with plans to enroll at Palmer’s Davenport Campus in a year, and his goal is to be the first chiropractic student to race in the Indianapolis 500.

Secondly, both Dr. Wagner and Brandon want to increase public awareness of chiropractic by exposing more people to it through Brandon’s racing career. “My primary goal is to race in the Indy 500,” Brandon says. “This will allow me to expose chiropractic to the largest number of auto racing spectators in the world—more than 90 million on race day alone!”

Having been born and raised in Indiana, Dr. Wagner and his wife, Shari’s, children grew up attending races of all kinds, especially the Indianapolis 500. “When our boys showed an interest in racing,” he says, “they began at the ground level. GoKarting led to Ford Focus Midgets, then national midgets, and now the opportunity to participate in the biggest spectacle in racing. We have been Brandon’s biggest fans, promoting him locally through various businesses, who in time became sponsors. My support for Brandon’s racing career is easy because I share his racing passion, but most of all I get to spend valuable time with him.” 

Dr. Wagner founded, a practice management organization that also raises sponsorship funds for Brandon’s racing. “I got the idea from another young racer who is sponsored by a diabetes drug company. I felt that chiropractic should be given equal time as a sponsor of a promising young racer. We are trying to showcase chiropractic in a positive light by combining racing and chiropractic.”

Immediate action needed by APRIL 14th!

Chiropractic never sounded so good!!

We are about to make history, as this will be the first time ever, that there is a Chiropractic student driving an Indy car in the Indianapolis 500, and it is also the first time an indy car will be sponsored by the Chiropractic profession as a whole, and have the word CHIROPRACTIC proudly displayed on the sidepods of the indycar.

Can you name an event, where there is a steady market penetration to over 90 Million homes from just one event alone? The answer to that is the prestigious Indianapolis 500. It is this format, that we plan to to drive the Chiropractic message into the homes of those suffering with conditions our profession sees on a daily basis. In an unprescetented move, will be entering the homes of people who need to hear us. So it wont matter if they are in Anchorage Alaska with an unrelenting Headache, or in Key West with a relapse of Sciatica, because if they are watching the race, they are watching the word Chiropractic flash by the screen lap after lap.  It is this visual repetitiveness that should cause the viewer to take action and call a Chiropractor on Monday, because they saw the indycar race on Sunday. The viewership for the Indianapolis 500 is more then the Daytona 500 and the superbowl.

Now comes the Biggest Spectacle in Racing, the Prestigious Indianapolis 500, the biggest race in the world, to be seen by over 90 Million people world wide. To deliver this message, it wont be cheap. To run the Indianapolis 500 it will cost 600K. We encourage the profession to see the value of what we are trying to accomplish here, and stand behind us and donate what they feel comfortable with, so we can make this marketing campaign successful. There isn’t a better place to put 600K, that will have such a huge impact of the chiropractic profession as this will. That is a number we should be able to pull together just by the strength in numbers the chiropractic profession has.
My goal for is to provide the platform to get the Chiropractic message out to more people then ever before, and we can do this by turning to the Chiropractors and their associations to see how many stand up and rise to the call to preserve, and advance public knowledge of Chiropractic.  The driver of the’s CHIROPRACTIC Indy car, is a soon to be Chiropractor himself. Which is also a FIRST for the Indianapolis 500! That would equate to more air/face/print media time with Brandon Wagner (Driver)speaking on behalf of us, and the profession he loves.
We are going to do our part ON THE TRACK, we are looking for help OFF THE TRACK as far as getting sponsor/donations money in to help fund this venture. It benefits all of us.

Our time has FINALLY arrived!! And it’s going fly by if we don’t roll up our sleeves collectively on Friday APRIL 14th!! It is time for YOU to become part of history we won’t see again!!

chiromiamispeedwayOur mission at is to get the CHIROPRACTIC word out to the more then 95 MILLION households and 500,000 Trackside spectators at that the prestigious Indianapolis 500 mile race this May!! Pending further funding, we will continue to compete in more races across the country! We have the American Chiropractic Association standing strong on us with this venture. Now the only ingredient we are missing, IS YOU!!!

This Indy car is just as much YOURS as it is ours! We have the message to deliver, and we have the indycar driver to do it, a fellow future Chiropractor. What we are asking of everyone in the profession, from Chiropractic student, to Chiropractor, to Chiropractic patient, to stand behind this unprecedented event in History!! Not only will it be the FIRST CHIROPRACTIC SPONSORED INDY CAR, but it is also the FIRST TIME we will have a proven Indycar winner driving this message in homes of over 95 million, for You, me, your school, and everyone in between who has the benefitted from the Chiropractic profession.

Unbelievable BOB JENKINS and video! (The “voice” of the Indianapolis 500 mile race) please click here:


We are going to call APRIL 14th the Last day for Chiropractic students/faculty/Chiropractors in practice, to donate from their heart, what they see fit to become part of this history making event. If everyone donates a little, it keeps our message of Chiropractic advancement in the media! Those watching the race in your town will benefit from this as well. So PLEASE send donations to us at and rest assured, your donation means a lot to us, and more importantly to our profession.

You can check in periodically, to see how your school/state stacked up with the others across the country, and we will keep you all apprised on our progress. When placing the donation, remember, put in what you feel comfortable with. A $20 donation gets us $20 closer to our goal!

Remember we have to have all donations, small and large to ON APRIL 14th!! Thanks in advance. Time is getting short, and we need to get our Chiropractor out there practicing!

Hope you find the information informative, and we hope you are willing to roll up your sleeves and become “honorary Indy Car owners” in this Chiropractic road to Indy! Please visit for further information, and PLEASE DONATE FOR THIS UNPRECEDENTED CHIROPRACTIC MARKETING FORMAT! If you have questions about the race/car/etc…please don’t hesitate to call 765-448-1674

Lets get ready to make the Greatest Spectacle in racing, that much Greater!! Chiropractic never sounded so good!!

From all of us, to all of you, we send our sincere THANK YOU’s!

Dr. Kevin Butterfield

Dr. John Wagner

Brandon Wagner (Future Chiropractor) Indycar Racer #32

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