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C1 TAC Vol34No03 144xHello Doctor, welcome back!
Opening a new practice is always a stressful time.  With all the variables that need to be accounted for, while differentiating what should be classified as an essential for the clinic, from what should be classified as a luxury, a coach can always provide a perspective that you haven’t considered.  That’s why we’ve chosen the grand opening for your practice to be the feature topic for this issue.  For some guidance on opening a clinic, just look to the right for the article that fits, and flip the page.
I’ve talked with quite a few Doctors around the country that have expressed that they ran out of space in their growth. There’s one area that some of you may be able to reclaim if you look at that old x-ray developing room, and the associated file storage space.  This issue, Andrew Cheesman provides a comparison of Digital versus Film X-rays, and gives the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Check out his analysis on page 18.  
There’s a lot going on throughout the profession, whether it be the problems the CCE has had recently with reaccreditation, the threat of Medicare abandonment of chiropractic in some states, and complete PIP reform in others, you should be keeping track of everything that has the potential to impact your livelihood.  Do your homework here to prepare for the future, and like always, read this one cover to cover.


Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.
Managing Director
The American Chiropractor Magazine

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