Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Chiropractic

Interview with Dr. Glen Bobker, Certified iMRS/Mediconsult Health Technician
Dr. Glen Bobker received his undergraduate degree from SUNY at STONY BROOK (1976) and his Doctorate (1981) from New York Chiropractic College (NYCC).  Graduating from NYCC with honors, he was inducted into Phi Chi Omega, the International Chiropractic Honor Society.pulsed01
He has established two successful practices (New York and Florida) in his well respected 30 year career.  Dr. Bobker is currently in solo practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Like many practitioners, he has added many novel therapeutic modalities such assist his patients achieve wellness (i.e., therapeutic ultrasound, low level laser therapy, I.M.S, E-Stim, Kinesiology Tape and Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Currently, Dr. Bobker is very excited about incorporating the modern and powerfully therapeutic modality of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy into his practice. Dr. Bobker has become a passionate enthusiast and advocate of this revolutionary approach to health and as such, has taken upon the mission of becoming the liaison to the chiropractic profession as a Certified iMRS/Mediconsult Health Technician.
TAC: Tell us in depth about how or why PEMF therapy fits into the services offered by the chiropractic profession.
GB: The concept of incorporating energy medicine as an adjunctive therapeutic modality to relieve pain and optimize healing is not new to chiropractic.  Prior to acquiring the iMRS PEMF system I used low level laser (light energy) and ultrasound (vibration energy) to speed local injury healing.  Despite its unique property of not being felt or seen I have found PEMF therapy as provided by the iMRS  technology to be profoundly more effective and quicker at providing the therapeutic results of injury recovery.  In my practice, this powerful energy medicine has added a new level of confidence as we often witness immediate patient satisfaction, felt as reduce pain and swelling.  These dramatically speedy and gratifyingly positive outcomes in treating both acute and chronic conditions have made PEMF therapy an integral therapeutic addition to my practice.
PEMF therapy as produced by the iMRS system technology represents an exciting revolutionary advance in energy medicine.  It supplies the body with a vital dose of the healing power of nature; by emulating earth’s biologically compatible low energy pulsating magnetic field.  Research has proven that exposure to nature’s energy field in the biologically compatible low frequencies and intensities (“biological window”) are a necessary component for life on earth to thrive.  This natural energy has been proven to have an energizing effect on our cells serving as a spark-plug promoting homeostasis and optimum wellness.  In modern society we are enclosed by concrete, steel, pavement, autos and wear shoes.  All of which serves to disconnect or dissociate us from nature and deprive us of the proper dose of earth’s health enhancing energy.  As such, by reproducing nature and supplementing the body with a dose of earth’s PEMF therapy aligns with the chiropractic principle of natural health. From a chiropractic prospective, I have come to the understanding that PEMF therapy serves to provide the body with a vital dose of “UNIVERAL INTELLIGENCE” (earth’s natural energy) effectively optimizing the body’s “INNATE INTELLIGENCE” (inherent recuperative ability).
pulsed02From my experience, a profound advantage to utilizing PEMF therapy over other chiropractic therapeutic modalities is its versatility in how it can be applied to the body.  The iMRS system is able to provide powerful localized or regional treatment utilizing the probe or the pillow application as well as allowing for whole body global wellness with the mat application.  Additional advantages are that patients do not need to disrobe as the therapy penetrates through clothing and is safe as well as user friendly.  The iMRS technology is so easy to use that many of my patients are easily trained to operate and apply the therapy to themselves.  Patients have even purchased the system through me for home use!
TAC: What is it about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology that appeals to you?
GB: What’s most appealing to me about PEMF therapy, as provided by iMRS technology, is that it emulates and supplies a vitally important natural component for life on earth to thrive.  Until my introduction to this powerful therapeutic modality I was unaware of the important role earth’s electromagnetic energy field plays in our health and well being.
It has been a revelation to learn that like air, water, sun, and gravity, proper exposure to earth’s PEMF is an elemental biological ingredient for life to thrive.  The world’s scientific community, including NASA and the Russian Space Program, has long established the important impact that exposure to earth’s naturally occurring PEMF has on our health and wellness.  Most of us are unaware that the early astronauts returned to earth very ill from being deprived of exposure to earth’s natural energy field.  As a result, all space suits and space capsules have since been equipped with high-tech devices that supply this vital health enhancing energy in biologically friendly frequencies/intensities emulating nature.  I must admit that as an earth and space science major in college I find this information to be especially profound and thought provoking!  In our post-industrial modern society, it can be said that we (much like the early astronauts) are no longer tied to the earth. We too are deprived of direct physical contact with the earth. We are surrounded by concrete, steel, pavement, drive autos and walk in shoes. With our computers, iPads, and smart phones, (devices which expose us to potentially harmful unnatural PEMF frequencies/intensities called “electro-smog”), we rarely go outside anymore.   
Technical devices and equipment (such as iMRS) that functionally emulate earth’s PEMF serve to supplement our nature-deprived health.  It is becoming more and more apparent with clinical use of this technology to treat the body that a wide range of physical and emotional ailments may result from our disconnect from the power of nature.  
It is possible that many modern illnesses helped by PEMF therapy such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, acute/chronic pain and depression may be attributed to deficiency of exposure to earth’s natural magnetic field.  It should be noted that PEMF therapy is already FDA-approved to treat non-healing bone fractures, wounds, injuries, and depression.
TAC: How did you first get involved in using this technology?
GB: Like many opportunities in life, it was very serendipitous how I got involved.  The industry leader in this technology, as we are in fact world market leader in PEMF devices, Mediconsult, which produces the iMRS system, opened its USA headquarters down the road from my practice and a principal of the corporation just happened to come in for chiropractic care.  When his business was mentioned I expressed interest in trying PEMF therapy.  He generously lent me his unit while he went out of town for two month period.  I proceeded to take the unit home and “experiment” on my wife and me, applying a dose of magnetic resonance stimulation (the process of applying PEMF therapy) 2-3x/day.  It was very soon (~10 to so days) after initiating this therapeutic regime that we realized its wonderful health enhancing effects.  It became invaluable and I purchased one for clinical application.  My wife, I, and many of my patients have come to make PEMF therapy a regular part of our wellness routine.
pulsed03TAC: Do you ever receive skepticism when you suggest its use to patients?
GB: Not much.  I have found most patients to be intrigued and interested to learn about novel approaches to wellness.  They are usually hungry to feel better without the use of medications and as such are open to alternatives.  We usually apply the PEMF therapy prior to the chiropractic adjustment and have found most patients to be rewarded by the immediate gratification of improved symptoms and function.  The positive therapeutic results achieved by this modality serve to diffuse any skepticism.
Any safety concerns are allayed by noting the relatively few contraindications (i.e., pregnancy, pacemaker or embedded electronic pump device, and epilepsy) for magnetic resonance stimulation as provided by the iMRS system.  We always refer patients to watch the extremely positive endorsement received on a recent episode of Dr. Oz and PEMF therapy on YouTube, as seeing such provides further validation of its health enhancing impact.
TAC: How do you respond to other chiropractors or professionals in healthcare delivery that would say there is no scientific evidence that any form of magnets are beneficial?
GB:  We point out to skeptical health professionals that there is a major difference between the body of scientific evidence supporting the biological value of PEMF therapy verses static magnets worn on the body as bracelets, pendants, or necklaces. To date, there is little evidence touting the health benefits of static magnets in credible scientific journals. Conversely, currently there are many thousands of research articles in respectable journals worldwide endorsing the powerful health enhancing benefits of low frequency/low intensity electromagnetic fields. The physiological benefit from pulsed electromagnetic fields is attributed to their dynamic and time-varying frequency, easily producing the desired therapeutic benefit of cellular membrane induction or ionic exchange. Static magnets are not as beneficial to health because they produce no frequency and only one field strength thus allowing cells to habituate or fatigue, negating any physiological benefit. The lack of scientific evidence in support of static magnets has unfortunately prejudiced and undermined the clinical acceptance and advancement of PEMF therapy. Prejudice can only be overcome by education so I encourage all interested health professionals to learn as I have from the abundance of scientific literature available on the topic of PEMF therapy.
Upon investigation of the research, one comes to learn that PEMF therapy has successfully been used to treat pain, edema and a wide array of illnesses for over 60 years. In fact, unbeknownst to many physicians a number of PEMF therapeutic devices are FDA approved to treat pain and promote healing.  The value and importance of exposure to earth’s PEMF for our health and well-being is researched and accepted by NASA and the Russian Space Program and applied to all astronauts to ensure their health in orbit. PEMF therapy as supplied by the iMRS  technology serves to compensate for the fact that in our post-industrial modern society we too are deprived of exposure to the earth’s natural magnetic field and is testament to over 1 Million users/day worldwide.
TAC: What is the most common problem you see among chiropractors today?
GB:  I see the most common problem faced by chiropractors today as being able to adapt to the challenges of practicing in a tough economic environment.  The current poor economic conditions should serve as a call for all chiropractors to better distinguish themselves in this competitive healthcare environment by offering the most up to date and effective alternative natural medicine.  Incorporating the system into my practice has served to accomplish this.
TAC: What is the biggest problem or challenge you see in the chiropractic profession today?
GB: Insurance! It has become more and more apparent to me that the insurance based reimbursement business model is broken and does not work anymore. The trend of reduced reimbursements couple with higher deductibles and co-pays looks to continue even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by 2014.  This trend has prompted me and many other physicians, over the past few years, to opt out of being a participating provider in all HMO’s and PPO’s as well as no longer accepting Medicare assignment of benefits.  Rather, I have converted my office to a payment-at-time of service practice where along with the vitally necessary spinal adjustments, patients are provided safe, effective, innovative, and affordable modalities (neuromuscular massage, low level laser therapy, kinesiology tape, custom/pre-made foot orthotics, whole body vibration therapy and most recently iMRS, PEMF therapy).  
All these modalities fit extremely well into the drugless, natural, non-invasive chiropractic paradigm and are powerfully efficacious in fulfilling the patient’s health needs. From a business viewpoint most of these health enhancing add-ons are affordable and not insurance reimbursable, thus providing value-added services and additional income streams to the practice.
TAC: Can you think of one change that a chiropractor can do to significantly impact his/her practice’s growth immediately?
GB:  Begin to include value-added therapeutic modalities or services that you feel passionate about; ones that benefit the health needs of your patients.  The best way to discover passion for a new therapeutic service is to experiment or try it out on you, family, or friends.  I have taken it upon myself to become a foot orthotic, kinesiology tape and Certified iMRS Health Technician by first personally benefiting from their profound health benefits.  I have found my personal enthusiasm for these therapeutic additions combined with their powerfully perceived patient health enhancing benefits to be contagious in stimulating practice growth by generating patient referrals as well as additional income streams.
TAC: How does chiropractic fit into this paradigm?
GB: Chiropractic celebrates things that are based on nature and as such is perfectly situated as a profession to teach prevention and provide the best non-invasive, safe, and effective naturopathic modalities available. PEMF therapy as supplied by the iMRS system represents an advancement of such a modality by naturally fortifying and fostering the body’s inherent recuperative ability.
TAC: Where do you see the future of chiropractic headed?
GB:  I see the future of chiropractic as the champion of safe, natural, and effective wellness therapies such as exemplified by PEMF therapy.  I encourage all physicians to enlighten themselves and update their practices with this novel and revolutionary approach to providing health and wellness. I see the inclusion of energy medicine as exemplified by this powerfully exciting therapeutic modality, into practice, as serving to expand the chiropractic paradigm into the realm of longevity and rejuvenation healthcare.
TAC: Any final words for our readers?
GB: My patients, my family and I (as well as hundreds of thousands of users worldwide) have found this revolutionary energy medicine to be invaluable at improving health and wellness.  I encourage all physicians to try this therapy on themselves and family as it will not take long to feel its health benefits.  Mediconsult, the company that manufactures iMRS wellness systems makes this easy by offering a low cost rent-to-buy program where you can try the device for one month for a small rental fee.  If you would like to keep the system after the four week trial period, the security deposit and rental fee are deducted from the purchase price and you are only charged the difference.  If you do not like the system after the 4 weeks of use you send it back and the security deposit is credited to your charge card.  
I strongly recommend all doctors take advantage of this opportunity to allow you, your family and your patients to experience the undeniably powerful health benefits provided by iMRS PEMF therapy. Learn more about this therapy or the rent-to-buy program by going to the company website (www.iMRS.com). Feel free to use me as your contact person (CLSC#-4149) or contact me if you should have questions.
Dr. Glen Bobker, Chiropractic Physician
The Downtown Chiropractic & Orthotic Center
1601 East Broward Blvd., Suite B
Ft. Lauderdale,  Fl.,  33301

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