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C1 TAC Vol33No11 144xWelcome back to the pages of The American Chiropractor,  your monthly source for the latest news and breakthroughs in the profession, and NOW your source for CE credits too!!! This issue, you will have the chance to actually receive CE credits for reading, and earn six CE’s over the next 3 issues. To take advantage, you’ll have to register with the University of Bridgeport. The registration fee is about the same as the amount you would generally pay for gas to and from whatever seminar you may usually get your continuing education credits. Please read the interview with Dr. James J. Lehman on page 48, to learn more and page 50, to get started on your CE credits.
Also this month we have a special interview with Dr. Ned Hallowell. You may be familiar with him from one of his various best sellers, or T.V. interviews. Dr. Hallowell is an expert on ADD and ADHD. He’s taken his years of experience and knowledge on this illness, that if left untreated, has devastating effects on the lives of not only the affected individual, but those around them as well. Read more on page 42.

That’s not all though, we’ve got several articles on obesity, some great information on ginseng. Just look to the right to scan over the content, then get to reading, cover to cover like always. 

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.
Managing Director
The American Chiropractor Magazine

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