State Accuses Chiropractor Of Unethical Practices; Functional Endocrinologist Accused of Practicing Medicine

aroundtheworldDENVER, CO — The state of Colorado took action against a chiropractor, handing down pages of violations, accusing him of unethical practices, after a television investigation exposed his business practices.  Over the past year, many former patients of chiropractor Brandon Credeur told 7NEWS that they paid thousands of dollars upfront, seeking help for thyroid and diabetes problems from someone they thought was an endocrinologist.

Credeur has been hit with 25 counts including negligent chiropractic practice, false or misleading advertising, unethical advertising, ordering unnecessary tests, failing to make essential entries on patient records, or falsifying them, abandoning a patient, and performing a procedure beyond the scope of authorized services.

CJ Omelian, a former Credeur patient, believes that Credeur’s license should be pulled.
“He abused that,” Omelian said.

Until she saw an investigation by CALL7, a local television program, the patient believed Credeur was an endocrinologist.”I hope he has to answer to every charge he has against him,” Omelian said.

“Patients are sometimes not understanding the qualifications of the people they’re dealing with. And we think this is one of those cases,” said Dr. Brent Keeler, president of the Colorado Medical Society. The Colorado Medical Society is calling for more transparency. And it is Credeur’s own words, seen in Web videos posted online, that raises even more questions as he tutors others chiropractors on his business model.

“I would take the spines out of the office or at least hide them,” Credeur instructed in one video.

“These patients are desperate,” Credeur said in another video.

Source: – CALL7 News

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