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C1 TAC Vol33No10 144xWhat an interesting environment that chiropractors enjoy today, professionally. You’ll read from Dr. David Singer’s interview on page 42 that it hasn’t always been this way. Today, there are practices out there that are fighting for every dollar they are able to take in. In some instances, as Kathy Mills Chang explains in the article “What do Insurance Companies Really Want from Me?”, it’s about knowing exactly what the insurance companies are looking for that makes the case for your bill. This month’s feature topic is principally about compensation. There are a couple of models out there, and thankfully, we’ve been able to bring some of the experts in the profession right to your doorstep, with this October edition of The American Chiropractor.
Speaking of to your doorstep, if you get the chance to check the magazine out online, hook the computer up to your HD TV, and watch the video feed we have on the home page at You’ll find many previous interviews and articles archived there. While there, be sure to confirm your mailing address, and current states of licensure at the “request magazine” tab to receive the magazine. 
It’s an honor being of service, until next month,

Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.
Managing Director
The American Chiropractor Magazine

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