The University of Bridgeport and THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTOR: Bring Distance Learning to Your Doorstep


universityofbridgeport:dropcap_open:I:dropcap_close:n the hussle and bustle of running a practice, it can be hard to manage all of the continuing education credits that the states require.  With this in mind,  The American Chiropractor Magazine and the University of Bridgeport decided to work together, to help you get your CEU’s, without ever leaving home.

At least 6 continuing education credits are available over the next 3 months through articles that will be published in The American Chiropractor. Look for the “Distance Learning” tab at the top of the page to be certain that you are looking at an article that qualifies for CE credits. In the following interview with The American Chiropractor (TAC), Dr. James J. Lehman, Director of Health Sciences Postgraduate Education at the University of Bridgeport, explains the details.


TAC: What is the University of Bridgeport offering our readers?

DR. LEHMAN: The University of Bridgeport is offering The American Chiropractor readers an opportunity to learn and earn continuing education units by simply reading a clinical manuscript at their leisure within this issue, followed by completing and submitting a self-assessment.  This type of distance learning reduces costs of travel and tuition while enhancing convenience.


TAC: Please describe this innovative, distance-learning course.

DR. LEHMAN: This asynchronous learning mode of delivery permits all participants to access course materials on their own schedule and provides flexibility.

This distance education course can assist in meeting your demand for continuing education as a chiropractor, especially because it offers the possibility of a flexibility to accommodate your many time-constraints imposed by personal responsibilities and professional commitments. The course design reduces costs for participants while providing contemporary instruction to improve patient safety, promote patient-centered care, and meet the continuing education requirements of your state(s).  An asynchronous self-assessment process is available when required by certain states for CEU.


TAC: How much does this form of continuing education cost?

DR. LEHMAN: The six continuing education units (CEU) cost is $100 per participant.


TAC: How many states accept this form of distance learning?

DR. LEHMAN: Thirty-eight.


TAC: Which of the states do not accept this form of distance learning for continuing education credits?

DR. LEHMAN: Twelve states do not accept this form of distance learning.  They are New York, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.  Two states, Delaware and Utah require asynchronous self-assessment.  All other states have accepted this form of distance learning for CEU.


TAC: So all the rest accept it?



TAC: How does a chiropractor participate?

An interested chiropractor may contact the Health Sciences Postgraduate Department for advice.  The contact person is Anne Nilson.  She may be reached at 203-576-4880 or [email protected] You may pay the tuition with credit card, money order or check. The registration form may be located on the web at


TAC: Thank you, Dr. Lehman.

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