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C1 TAC Vol35No04 144xMalpractice Insurance.  It’s something we all need to comply with licensing laws, in most cases. We know we need it, so we get it, right?  When deciding who you’re hiring, it’s always best to get to know all your options.  Take a look at the profiles of the five most prominent malpractice companies that provide insurance for chiropractors, starting on page 11.
On the topic of risk aversion, Stu Hoffman has done a great job of detailing how the new healthcare laws that are being implemented will impact your ability to practice.  This includes a summary of old risks that you should still pay attention to.  Flip to page 50 to read what Stu, a long time expert on all things related to chiropractic malpractice insurance, has to say. 
Also this issue, don’t miss Dr. Mark Studin’s unique twist to the current dysfunctional medical model, as it pertains to the use of opiate pain medication, on page 32, in his article “Organized Medicine Considers Chiropractic as a ‘First Line’ Solution to the Opiode Epidemic”.  The title says it all, and this article introduces some unique perspectives.
As always, you may also find this magazine online at:  You will also find archives of the past fifteen years for your browsing, or referencing.  Enjoy!
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