Malpractice Insurance for Chiropractors

:dropcap_open:M:dropcap_close:alpractice insurance is a relatively low investment annually, however should that lawsuit ever present itself, you will want to be sure that you’re  protected.  Use a company that you feel comfortable dealing with.  Below, you will find the five largest chiropractic insurance companies that will represent you.

chirosecureChiroSecure leads the field in coverage by being the first carrier to offer INSURANCE AUDIT COVERAGE for state programs as well as private programs ie: up to 50K Defense for any Insurance Audit – Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna etc. Additionally, they are the ONLY company to offer 50K Defense Coverage for Board/HIPAA, Unlimited Sexual Misconduct, True Consent to Settle. With multiple options available, and more than 21 yrs. of experience, ChiroSecure is a leader when it comes to providing doctors with the best possible coverage at the lowest possible rates. Call 1-866-802-4476 for a FREE POLICY REVIEW—or for a QUICK QUOTE please fax your current declarations page to 1-480-657-8505.

OUM Chiropractor Program
oumSince 1983, the OUM Chiropractor Program has provided malpractice protection to chiropractors nationwide. Our extensive malpractice insurance policies offer broad protection that covers the range of professional chiropractic services you provide with your state’s defined scope of practice.  The OUM commitment to chiropractors is the same today as it was when we began: to diligently protect and defend our policyholders against malpractice claims even if charges are groundless, false or fraudulent while providing unparalleled customer service.

National Chiropractic Council (Affordable Reliable malpractice insurance)
nccThe National Chiropractic Council offers a wide range of coverage options, designed to fit your needs. If you are looking for affordable coverage, we have a program that is typically 30% less than every other program in the market. If you have a Claims Made policy, you can switch to us without losing coverage for prior acts.  We can offer an occurrence basis policy from the start or provide FREE tail coverage for Claims Made policies after only 5 years.   With the NCC programs, you will be able to customize your coverage to meet the specific needs of your practice. You can be confident with our aggressive claims handling to defend your good name.

National Chiropractic Council, 1100 W. Town & Country Road, Ste. 1400, Orange, CA  92868, (800) 622-6869, [email protected],
NCMIC Insurance Company
ncmicOver 40,000 D.C.s have turned to NCMIC for outstanding malpractice insurance and unbeatable service. Founded in 1946 by and for chiropractors, NCMIC offers a full range of financial products and insurance services to safeguard your future and to protect and grow your practice. “We Take Care of Our Own” is more than a motto – it is how NCMIC does business every day. For more information, call 1-800-769-2000, ext. 3196 or visit

Chiropractic Benefit Services 
chirobenefitservChiropractic Benefit Services (CBS) Malpractice RPG is a full-service insurance program for chiropractors owned and operated by a chiropractic family of 40 years. CBS has offered chiropractors malpractice, disability, life, business owners, commercial, auto, home and more for the last 20 years. Our objective is safeguarding and protecting chiropractors while providing you with superior client service and competitive premiums. 

Underwritten by a top “A” rated insurance carrier.  Call for quotes 1-866-851-4636 or go online for a quick quote at Phone 1-866-851-4636, Website: 

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