Going Paperless in 2012? Great Tips on How to Choose Your New System


ehrgoingpaperless:dropcap_open:T:dropcap_close:o the benefit of chiropractors, there are more and more full automated paperless systems available for their practice. This rapid growth in the chiropractic software industry is due to the high demand of the product, which is great for chiropractors because it keeps prices down.  With all these choices of software systems, how can you make sure you choose the best fit for you and the way you practice?    How can you make sure you choose the provider who will meet the service level you need?  Choosing the right software system and the right provider to suit your needs is very important.  This important choice will reduce your stress and will turn your money into an investment instead of an expense.  Here are a few good tips that will help you to make this important decision.

Online demo

With Internet, it is very easy to shop software systems with online demos.  An online demo can be a good start for your shopping and should be a step during your decision process, but should definitely not be your one and only step.  Software vendors will demonstrate your online demo using small databases, showing you great speed, while in reality, with eight or ten thousand patients in the system, the speed can be very different.  Since a full automated E.H.R. system includes complete patient flow management, it is just impossible to show you that aspect.

Online demos can only show you a few screens here and there but you miss the most important aspect of the system, the patient flow management.  Ask for online demos from a few vendors you are interested in and do not make any decisions at this point.  Don’ t make up your mind yet and stay neutral as much as possible.

Visit a practice close to yours

Ask vendors if you can visit a practice close to yours that uses their system so you can see the system in action.  The software provider will arrange this visit for you.  If they have a good service and a good product, users and doctors are very happy to help their colleagues and show their system.

During  this visit, the users will give you some great tips on how to maximize the system based on their own experience.  By far, this live visit will give you a totally different  perspective of these systems.  Good chances are you will see happy patients coming in, swiping their Chiropractic Health Card in an arrival station, being called and being directed to a treatment room automatically.  The doctor will show you how he sees all X-rays on the screen, how he enters his accurate SOAP notes in the system and so much more.

Try before you buy

At this point, you had an online demo and you visited an office that is using the system.  You saw the system live and you really liked it.  Your decision is made.   But wait!  Seeing it and using it are different, much different.  Maybe your chiropractic technique is different from the doctor you visited.  Your office may be designed differently and your patient flow may also be different.  Don’ t take any chances to lose your money or sign a contract for a system that may disappoint you.  Try before you buy.  Software providers who stand behind their product and service will give you this option.  A minimum of six months to a year of free trial will give you enough time to use the system and make sure it works as expected.  Not only will you try the product, but you will make sure you will be receiving the service and live training you need.  Worst case scenario, if the system does not work as promised or if the service is deficient, you leave and you do not have to spend any money for the software.

This is a very simple and effective plan to shop for a software system.  You can’t miss and you will be assured you will be using the best automated software system for you.  This buying process can be the difference between a nightmare and the greatest investment you have ever made for your practice and for yourself.


Claude Cote  is an expert in EHR systems, insurance billing and chiropractic clinic management for 22 years.  He has installed EHR system in 18 countries over 5 continents and nationwide in USA.  He is the President and Founder of Platinum System C.R. Corp (www.platinumsystem.com).  For comments or questions, please email to [email protected]

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