High Potency Homeopathic Breakthroughs

Homeopathy is a remarkable healing art with therapeutic abilities capable of reaching deep within our nervous system that can correct a broad spectrum of acute, chronic, and even genetic weaknesses. The key to penetrating this depth and dimension of therapeutic ability is primarily found in applying a broad spectrum of homeopathic potencies.

Homeopathic potency is achieved through a complex, labor-intensive laboratory procedure consisting of serial dilutions and 40 succussions (intensive shakes) that establish a therapeutic imprint or energetic makeup of the substance in the water molecule. For example, one part of a substance mixed with nine parts of water creates a 1X (1+9=10, hence the X). Then one part of the 1X remedy mixed with 9 parts water and succussed 40 times creates 2X potency, and so on. The C potencies are done in the same manner, with a ratio of one part substance to 99 parts water. The difference between the X and C potencies, mathematically, is  6X=3C, 12X=6C, and so on. One scale is not superior to the other. Homeopathics are not component-intensive products, but very labor-intensive products. Higher potencies are much more expensive and not commonly seen in the marketplace.

Higher potencies, such as the 200X potency, are the result of the aforementioned laboratory procedure being done 200 times or attenuations. 1M potency is a similar procedure done 1,000 times. LM potency is an incredible 1:50,000-dilution ratio. Ironically, the further you go with the serial dilutions and successions, the stronger and deeper the therapeutic actions. At 24X, we have reached Avagadroes Number, indicating we have gone beyond the molecular level or, theoretically, we have no molecules of the original substance left.

Life consists of more than just molecules. Chiropractic calls this idea Innate Intelligence and homeopathy calls it Vital Force. This bioenergetic realm controls and coordinates all body functions. Every biochemical substance has a specific charge to it, waiting to be told what to do by the bioenergetic aspects of life. Homeopathy has demonstrated its therapeutic consistency with dilutions of potentization beyond the molecular level, or 24X. The higher the dilution or potency, the deeper and generally more dynamic the therapeutic result. So much so that homeopaths warn against using higher potencies unless professionally trained, since healing crises can be intense at times. The higher potencies are like higher frequencies or vibrations that permeate deeper within the control systems of the body, coordinating our core issues or underlying causes for disease. As we shift from the biochemical realm into the bioenergetic realm, the laws of physics change. For example, the smaller the radio wavelengths, the more powerful the radio frequency and the further its range.

Throughout many years of experimentation, we have found that the key to greater success without negative effects is in the mixing of a broad spectrum of potencies (high, medium and low) all together in one product. The appropriate mixing of specific homeopathic ingredients in a broad spectrum of potencies gives the body the opportunity to pick both the individual remedy out of a formula that best fits the specific needs of the body as well as the potency that can most gently and deeply correct the core causes of the health condition.

Almost every health condition we deal with consists of multiple components. For example, a patient bends over to pick up a paper clip and blows out a disc. The weight of the paper clip isn’t the primary causative factor. Other components or causes would be:

• The stresses of life, including adrenal exhaustion, weakening the ligamentous support of the low back.
• The burdens of life on our shoulders that weakens us. 
• The mental and emotional issues we carry within us that sabotage our health.
• The physical health issues (injury, degenerative and genetic).

The low potencies work on the more superficial muscle and joint injuries. The medium potencies work on strengthening the organ and glandular dysfunctions; and the high potencies work on the mental and emotional stresses as well as the genetic factors that are commonly causative factors to many injuries and diseases.

Combining high, medium and low potencies best equips us to:

• Broaden the therapeutic potentials of homeopathy.
• Increase the safety of homeopathy.
• Simplify what was once a complex and elusive healing art into a faster and easier procedure for the high volume demands of today.
• More effectively apply the remedies with faster, deeper and longer-lasting results.

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy, and the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual, which can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line. Call 800-543-3245, or email [email protected].

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