Infertility… The Most Powerful Acupuncture Points for Positive Response

The acupuncture approach being described in this issue of The American Chiropractor has been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of pregnancies worldwide over a time frame of 16 years—when I first introduced this clinical protocol.  These points have been utilized very effectively either on their own or in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, which have improved enormously the last several years.  I am proud to say, they have become standard for infertility globally.

Hardly a month goes by when I do not, personally, hear from someone who has had a baby because of previous papers I have written—which have made their way to the Internet—discussing these acupuncture points.  The letters of testimonial I receive are, at times, emotional but always detail happy events.  To date, I have had nine boy babies named John Anthony, after me, and two girls named Johnna.  Eight families refer to me as “Uncle John”.

With the publication of this article, I expect an additional number of babies to be born and lives changed.  The rewards with this application are numerous for both the parents-to-be and the doctor.  Enjoy them all!!!  (Be sure to send me a photo of the baby. I’ll add it to my collection!)

Treat the female patient on a weekly basis starting with two times per week for the first six weeks then continue with one time per week.  If the husband is known to have fertility issues, treat him in the same fashion.  Otherwise, the female becomes the patient.

Do not become discouraged. This procedure may take anywhere from one month to six months for full effectiveness.  I, personally, feel chiropractic adjustments to the full spine are imperative and always a major part of my treatments.  Proper nutrition, mental focus and lifestyle are, likewise, important. I always advise my patients who tell me they “are trying to get pregnant” that they need to change their attitudes and “make love, not babies.”  The stress of “trying” to get pregnant brings into play a variety of emotions, which seem to have a deleterious effect on the hormonal system.  Eliminate that stress as much as possible.  I always tease my patients by saying, “If you really want to get pregnant, just put on a cheerleader outfit and go to a drive-in movie.  You’ll always get pregnant.”  (Boy, does that date me, or what???)

Stimulate all points with either needle, electronic or laser.  Mild electronic stimulation to each point for 12-15 seconds yields exceptional response.  Laser stimulation for 12-15 seconds per point, utilizing a 5mw, 632-635nm-wave length, is equally effective. Stronger lasers may be used; however, it is very subtle energy we are after.  Needle stimulation should be for 15 minutes with minimal external manual stimulation. Again, it is very subtle energy we are trying to stimulate. If a little is good, a lot is not better.  Treatment should always follow meridian balancing through Electro Meridian Imaging™ (EMI™).  This is crucial. It is imperative the meridian system be balanced electro magnetically. This diagnosis may be accomplished with EMI™, in less than one minute.   If unfamiliar with Electro Meridian Imaging™, send me an email to request information.

The primary points of treatment in infertility are:

• Reproductive Cerebral zone:  This is a zone (not an acupoint), which is one inch in length beginning at the front natural hairline and in line with an imaginary line drawn caudally/posterobilateral from the lateral canthus of the eye.
• “Sperm Palace”:  This point is three fingerbreadths bilateral to GV4, which is directly below the spinous of the second lumbar vertebrae. 
• “Palace of the Child”:  This point is three inches (four fingerbreadths) bilateral to CV3, which is one inch superior to the symphysis pubes. 
• CV 1: From a medico/legal standpoint, this point, because of its critical location, has fallen out of favor with Western practitioners.  This point lies directly in the perineum.  An alternative is to ask the patients to stimulate this point in the privacy of their own homes with a non-invasive stimulation.  The practitioner can also use the Koryo Sooji Chim (Korean Hand Acupuncture) point on the base of the palmar hand, just distal to the wrist.
Other extremely significant points follow:  KI 27, CV 17, CV 5, KI 3, GB 25, TH4, GV 4, Bl 23, P6, SP 4.

Best Wishes on a great response!  And, remember, send me a photo of the baby!!!!

Dr. John A. Amaro is the President of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Inc. He practices in Carefree, AZ, and may be reached at 800-327-1113 or by email at [email protected].

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