Homeopathic Answers for Vaccinations

Evidence is mounting on both sides of the vaccination issues.  Anything, from minor symptoms to lifelong diseases to death, can occur from either not being immunized or, more frighteningly, from being immunized!  Actually, the results of this vaccination perplexion is a new mental condition called “vaccination anxiety”.
The Doctor of Chiropractic is challenged with numerous professional principles, including legal, ethical and emotional issues.  The truth is the more you study both sides of the issue, the more you see a lose-lose scenario.  The good news is the benefits of homeopathy can turn this lose-lose scenario into a win-win scenario for everybody.

The Vaccination Perplexion

In recent years a growing number of doctors, researchers and concerned parents are taking a strong stand against medical vaccination procedures. 
Acute vaccination reactions usually take place within seven days of the vaccination.  The symptoms include paralysis, convulsions, nausea, dangerously high fevers, chronic nervous system disorders, acute brain inflammations (encephalitis), diarrhea, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, permanent brain damage, and death.  Doctors are required, by law, to inform parents of the numerous side effects associated with vaccination.
On the other hand, not immunizing can cause equally, if not more, devastating diseases.  The parents must also face the grief and guilt that may come from the choices they made.  Then follow the legal issues, including the potential loss of all their children to the state or, even, as a result of imprisonment.  This may seem radical, yet it could be possible. 
Routine questions heard in our offices are, “Should I have my children vaccinated?” or “What do you think of vaccination?”  These and other related questions could pose a potentially volatile position for the doctor, a well meaning friend, and especially the parents.  What if you say, “Don’t do it!”?  Or, “I wouldn’t do it,” and the person ends up with the disease?  Or do you say, “Do it” or “I would do it,” and they end up with disease traced to the immunization?  There are numerous legal, emotional, and ethical ramifications involving everybody.
Another question is whether homeopathy can be used as a safe alternative to vaccination.  Although this idea has some promising potentials, the FDA requires more research over time to safely establish this practice.  Besides being illegal, the practice of homeopathic immunization could be quite volatile, if the outcome is not totally positive.

Win-Win Solution

Homeopathy has provided the only win-win answer to this dilemma for patient, parent and doctor.  A homeopathic formula can be safely and easily used to prevent and to effectively correct the plethora of possible side effects of immunizations.  Homeopathy can turn a lose-lose scenario into a win-win solution for this perplexing issue.  The patient, the parents and the doctor all end up in the safest, healthiest position.  This is quite a rare, and exceptionally positive, scenario for everybody involved.
The homeopathic remedies have proven themselves effective over many years for the diversity of reactions to vaccinations.  The following remedies have provided most effective results through the test of time, for both the prevention and correction of most common reactions to vaccinations.

  • Aconitum Napellus
  • Apis Mellifica
  • Chamomilla
  • Hypericum Perforatum
  • Ledum Palustre
  • Pulsatilla
  • Silicea
  • Thuja Occidentalis 


These remedies can be taken individually or found in a formula for a broader therapeutic spectrum to combat the broad variety of symptoms associated with vaccination reactions.
A homeopathic formula for the reactions to vaccinations can be taken three days before vaccinations and one or two weeks after vaccinations, two or three times a day.  If you get a case after reactions have occurred, I recommend taking the homeopathic six to eight times a day.  Usually symptoms will be negated in one to two days. 
If symptoms occur after the vaccination that the above ingredients have not corrected, seek homeopathic remedies related to the symptomatic pattern.  There are homeopathic formulas for specific symptomatic expressions, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.  There are also homeopathic remedies for the more elusive problems that can be associated with vaccinations.  These problems include ADD, hypersensitivity, allergies, recurring viral infections, swollen glands, emotional imbalances and skin disorders.  These conditions have specific homeopathic formulas to address them directly.
We have found many of the more elusive chronic conditions demonstrate a positive response to the homeopathic vaccination reactions formula.  This can be effective with children and adults with ADD, hyperactivity, chronic viral infections, swollen glands, allergies and other immune, mental, emotional and general chronic disorders doctors have been unable to pinpoint.
Parents can rest in having the blessing of both worlds.  You don’t have political, medical, educational or legal battles to fight.  You won’t experience that underlying grief or guilt associated with wondering if you made the right decision for your children or your patients’ children.  You can live at a greater level of peace in a win-win decision.  Homeopathy provides a pleasant alternative in a world where there are so many unanswered questions and uncertainties.
You  may be wondering whether my children are vaccinated.  The answer is no.  With over twenty-five years of homeopathic training and practice, I am confident in successfully dealing with the possible conditions that may arise.  I have successfully nipped measles, chicken pox and whooping cough in the bud in my own children.  I have treated more serious conditions in my Amish patients, like polio and other infectious diseases.  Homeopathy has an incredible success record of treating the great plagues throughout America and Europe in the 1800’s, such as small pox, yellow fever, typhoid, etc.  However, until you are well experienced with homeopathy, you may not want to carry this responsibility.


Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C. is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio Pharmaceuticals, a registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy.  Dr. King offers, complimentary, to all Doctors of Chiropractic his turnkey procedural system for the high volume practice called, The Chiropractic Enhancer systemTM (CES).  It is so easy to use that you can successfully apply homeopathy in your practice using any company’s products in one day.  Call King Bio Pharmaceuticals, Asheville, N.C. 1-800-543-3245 or e-mail [email protected]. TAC

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