Homeopathy Can Slow Aging! Improving Patient Health and Performance


Anti-aging research has been advancing in the 21st century until it has become its own medical specialty. Contributing strongly to this phenomenon is that global life expectancy (according to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon) has increased from forty-seven to sixty-eight years in the last fifty years. Life expectancy has increased, in part, due to improved nutrition and hygiene that have improved health and overcome many diseases around the world.

It is a pressing need for people as they grow older to do so as gracefully and as healthily as possible—especially since they may well live many years longer than they could have anticipated just a few years ago. Aging issues are bothersome, but many of them can be treated early-on by homeopathy so that the quality of one’s life does not suffer.

Homeopathy offers anti-aging and overall health enhancement solutions such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH), detoxification and drainage remedies, miasmic remedies and constitutional enhancement remedies—all of which safely and effectively broaden both our years and the scope of chiropractic.


What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a scientific system of healthcare that activates the body’s own healing processes in order to actually correct the underlying causes to disease naturally, gently, and promptly. Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that uses very small or infinitesimal doses of substances from the plant, mineral, or animal kingdoms to activate the body’s nervous system to initiate the healing response. So much so, it is often referred to as “Chiropractic in a Bottle”. Homeopathy actually corrects nerve interferences throughout the whole body in places where the hands cannot. It equips the chiropractor to address the whole nervous system and fulfill the chiropractic philosophy, therapeutically!

The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek homoios meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. The German physician and chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founded the science of homeopathy in the early 1800’s. While researching the toxicological effects of the medicines of his time, Dr. Hahnemann discovered that a specific dilution of a substance would remove the symptoms that substance was capable of evoking. He soon advanced the theory that “likes are cured by likes”, and today it is a verified law of pharmacology, The Law of Similars.

The application of the Law of Similars is also found in genetics, physics, chemistry, and immunology. For instance, a basic principle of solvent chemistry states that a substance will be a solvent to another substance when it has a similar type of molecular bond. It has to be either similarly polar or similarly apolar, and then like will dissolve like. Immunology crudely applies the Law of Similars to activate antibody responses with small doses of a similar substance that will evoke the allergic symptoms.


Homeopathy activates the body’s own healing processes at both the physical and mental/emotional levels. Homeopathy can safely and effectively complement chiropractic, nutritional and herbal products, as well as conventional drugs and procedures.


What about HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone has received a lot of press and interest by consumers worldwide for its anti-aging effects. The following information will help assure that you and your patients receive sound information and legitimate products.

HGH is a protein produced in the anterior pituitary gland that activates growth and helps maintain youthfulness. It is the most abundant hormone produced by the pituitary gland, peaking during adolescence in the rapid phase of our growth process, and steadily declining with age. By the time we approach 65 years of age, our pituitary gland is secreting 75% less HGH than it did when we were teenagers.

Homeopathic HGH formulations help maximize the positive effects of natural HGH through a number of advancements:

Multiple homeopathic potencies broaden the positive therapeutic potential of HGH upon the body. In general, the lower 10X potency works at the more superficial levels of bodily function, such as the skin and hair health. The middle 30X potency works more in the realm of our glands and organs. The mental and emotional functions are best enhanced with the higher 100X potency.

HGH formulas with additional homeopathic ingredients maximize the many other anti-aging potentials homeopathy has to offer.

Using a formula with a pure water base, instead of the old-style, traditional alcohol or sugar bases, unites the pure healing function of homeopathic medicine with the purest base available. The formulation may be applied orally or topically. The topical dosage adds a therapeutic dimension that the oral dosage alone does not always accomplish. Simply spray over the desired area for a localized effect to help with aging or weight gain in specific areas of the body.

Homeopathic HGH can safely enhance the growth and development of children as well.

Homeopathic HGH can be considered an adjunct in cancer treatment. While bio-chemical injection dosages of HGH can cause increase in cancer growth, homeopathic dilutions and potentizations of HGH can possibly decrease cancer growth by applying a verifiable law of pharmacology, The Law of Similars.

Homeopathic HGH can also help with various problems associated with over-production of HGH. Homeopathic HGH is not a stimulant, but a modulator or balancer of a body’s regulatory mechanisms. So, if the body is producing too little HGH, it will increase HGH production. If the body is getting too much HGH, it will decrease production to maintain a healthy optimal level of HGH.

Homeopathic HGH can help increase lean body mass; increase energy; decrease excess body fat; improve weight loss, vision, and physical strength; enhance sexual function, sleep quality and breathing; and relieve depression, mood swings, bleeding gums, phlegm build-up, coughing, anger and apathy.

The only legal way to get oral Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is in homeopathic potentization of 8X (or 4C) and higher. Products listing nanograms (NG) doses are misbranded. Be aware of any outrageous claims made on certain products. Homeopathic recombinant HGH is made from lab cultures of HGH. Homeopathic HGH can be legally used because of the special testing that has been done including the homeopathic provings of HGH and the multiple clinical provings.

There are also nutritional products that may have HGH in the name with no actual HGH listed in the products. These products, also called secretagogues, are designed to nutritionally enhance your body’s ability to produce more HGH. Secretagogues can complement the therapeutic effects of actual homeopathic HGH.


Homeopathic Detox and Drainage Remedies

Homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas not only dislodge toxins in the body as other products may do, they also activate the eliminative functions of the body so the detoxification mechanisms of the body work properly again. Activation of the body’s inner potentials to detoxify with homeopathy solves many of the problems experienced with previous detoxification procedures, such as healing crises and recurring toxicity.

Homeopathic Miasm Remedies

There are five foundational miasms found in homeopathy. These miasms—syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, scabies and cancer—are considered to be the origins of most diseases. For instance, tuberculosis in a family, generations ago, could be the underlying cause for why some families have more respiratory disorders such as allergies, hay fever, asthma, and chronic lung diseases. Using homeopathy, it has been my experience to witness patients undergo positive, deeper manifestation of homeopathic results by the breaking of genetic weaknesses passed on from generation to generation.


Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies

Homeopathy has constitutional remedies designed to enhance our overall health. Constitutional remedies work to help overcome disease as well as proactively and preventively take health to higher levels.


The Key to Success

The key to homeopathy’s great success is finding the right formula for each individual patient. No other adjunct to chiropractic provides a more comprehensive, deep-acting, and curative therapeutic armamentarium than homeopathy. Homeopathy works to activate our body’s natural innate ability to heal and maintain vibrant health within our bodies. Homeopathy equips us to go beyond the parameters of the biochemical realm of life and correct interferences within the bioenergetic control systems of our body. Homeopathy provides a curative and anti-aging experience full of unprecedented high levels of health and wellness!

New contemporary applications of homeopathy make homeopathy easy to implement into every style of practice no matter how straight or eclectic.

Enjoy the journey!


Frank J. King, Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio, an FDA registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply them in one day. Call King Bio, 1-800-543-3245 or email [email protected].


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