Hormones, Homeopathy and the Smarter, Safer, More Sensitive Solutions, Part II

Last month I shared the problems with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the values of homeopathic hormones and their unique modulating effects necessary for naturally and safely balancing hormone levels and minimizing the negative effects of both synthetic and natural HRT.

This article covers additional benefits of homeopathic hormone therapies and addresses how other homeopathic remedies can correct other underlying causes to hormonal imbalances.

Homeopathic potentizations of the associated glandular extracts (most commonly bovine), their related hormones and other associated homeopathic ingredients can:

1. Help correct the underlying cause of hormonal imbalances by activating and modulating the body’s inner control mechanisms to attain and maintain optimal hormonal balance. The homeopathic approach of activating the body’s metabolic control mechanisms to function more effectively helps regulate the normal hormonal shifts from progesterone to estrogen dominance during the normal monthly changes. The homeopathic approach also helps the hormonal regulation to its optimal healthy levels during various seasons of life, including puberty, pregnancy, menopause and the senior years.

2. Help compliment either synthetic or natural HRT to work safer and better by:

a. Activating the body’s ability to produce balanced levels of hormones in our various seasons of life.
b. Modulating hormonal balance to help prevent toxic levels and effects.
c. Eliminating dependency on long-term use of HRT, in many cases even including women with complete hysterectomies.

3. Help correct the genetic predispositions to hormonal imbalances. Homeopathy has discovered that the genetic weaknesses that we have inherited as far back as a thousand years into our family tree can be addressed and corrected with specific homeopathic remedies. There are proactive homeopathic procedures that can be employed to make these corrections and elevate the level of health for entire families.

4. Help correct the deeper mental and emotional issues that can cause oppressions of certain glands and imbalances in hormonal production. In some cases, the hormonal imbalances can cause the mental and emotional issues and, in other cases, the mental and emotional imbalances can cause the glandular and hormonal imbalances. Homeopathy has a long and well-researched history, found in the proving studies and Materia Medicas, for correcting very specific mental and emotional issues. Long-term emotional oppression can cause glandular and hormonal suppression. The roots to resistant hormonal issues are commonly found in the mental and emotional realm. There are simple homeopathic procedures and formulations to dynamically address this once elusive area of our health and wellbeing that can be easily implemented into every style of chiropractic practice.

Homeopathically potentized glands, hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients and other associated substances, or what we call Nano-Potentiated™ substances, help with the body’s ability to recognize and utilize the related substances and correct the complex biochemical dysfunctions behind the deficiency, through activating the extensive cellular signaling processes and complex metabolic control networks.

Specific deficiencies occur not only because of deficiencies in diet or supplementation but, more so, because of the many possible and probable dysfunctions that can occur within the body in maintaining the delicate balance or homeostasis of the substances. Nano-Potentiated™ products activate the body’s natural abilities from ingestion through digestion, assimilation, transportation, liver metabolism, extracelluar, intercellular, and intracellular transport and utilization, proper storage and release from storage, metabolic waste elimination, lymphatic entrance, transport and elimination, along with the reabsorption and recycling of the related substances.

It is my hearts’ intention that, with the above information, we, as chiropractors, can begin to apply the many benefits of homeopathy. Utilizing homeopathy to aid in the functioning of our glands, hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients associated with the bigger picture of hormonal imbalances, we can all improve the overall portrait of our patients’ health.

I encourage every practitioner to take the whole person perspective in seeking the solutions to any health problem. The whole person perspective includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our health, including the application of both a biochemical and bioenergetic approach homeopathy offers to help correct and coordinate our complex regulatory control networks of metabolism.

Dr King is a noted researcher, author, speaker and president of King Bio, a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company committed to doing “the greatest good” through health care research, product development, manufacturing, education and distribution into multiple markets with safe, powerful and effective natural medicines. You can reach Dr. King at [email protected] or through the website at www.kingbio.com.

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