Hormones, Homeopathy and the Smarter, Safer, More Sensitive Solutions

Regardless if you’re male or female, the amazing healing powers of homeopathy offer an essential and unique modulating effect for the delicate nature of our hormonal balance. The homeopathic modulating effect works naturally to raise the level of a hormone if it is too low, as well as naturally lower the level if it is too high, ensuring the ideal healthy balance of these all important regulatory hormones.  Synthetic and natural hormone replacement therapies cannot achieve this incredible modulating effect.

In order to understand this phenomenal homeopathic approach, we must ask ourselves three important questions that reflect the basic nature of homeopathic healing:

1. Do we need to replace our hormones or do we need to restore our homeostatic functions required for accurate hormonal balance?
2. Do we need to manipulate the chemical levels in our bodies, or do we simply need to repair and restore the curative and corrective control functions already present in our bodies?
3. Do we need to intervene between our body and its ability to heal itself, or should we simply re-activate our body’s innate ability to heal?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is based on the superficial assumption that the body cannot produce a healthy amount of the hormones necessary for the related phase of life we are in. There is a lot of hormonal hype in both the media and marketplace.  The results of this hype have been devastating to the health and well being of millions of people. Hormones play a significant role in nearly every health condition and are not simply related to sex. Our thinking, our moods, and our general physical health, all depend on our body’s ability to maintain a delicate hormonal balance.

Merely manipulating a few of our isolated hormones has proven to be extremely dangerous.  These dangers have been well documented, with unintended consequences, including cancer, blood clots, high blood pressure, liver disease, gallstones and cataracts. In a belated response to these dangers, the $2 billion a year HRT market is now shifting, and millions of women are changing to plant-derived synthetics called “bio-identical” hormones, including wild yam and soy based products. Although these are somewhat safer than the chemical HRT of the past, regular testing is recommended to help assure you are:

1. Taking the correct amounts of the right hormones,
2. Avoiding the creation of unhealthy or even toxic levels of hormones, and,
3. Not creating a relative deficiency or imbalance in other hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients.

Any HRT—whether synthetic or natural—that is applied orally or topically can still cause the body to impair or slow down its own production of the related hormone. This is true of all hormones, including progesterone, phytoestrogen, testosterone, melatonin, DHEA, human growth hormone (HGH), and others, such as related neurotransmitters and nutrients. Even hormonal creams can create toxic levels of hormones, sometimes even over a hundred times the normal levels, which are stored in the liver, causing potentially serious side effects.

Now, I am NOT saying stay away from natural hormone replacement. If we use these approaches and they are helping our symptoms, we should understand that they are not correcting the underlying causes of the hormonal imbalance, in most cases. These underlying causes and their corrections usually include:

1. Disfunction with our complex regulatory control networks and the homeopathic activation and modulation of our glandular functions and their balanced production of hormones;
2. Mental and emotional oppressions and related correction and elimination techniques;
3. Lifestyle factors and finding our balance;
4. Diet and nutritional factors and finding our balance;
5. Toxic chemical accumulations and their proper elimination.

Homeopathy works through an intensive potentization process.  This unique potentization process creates both nano-sized ingredients that function within the cell as well as the sub molecular range of ingredients that function to balance our complex neuro-hormonal control networks.  The added therapeutic dimension of homeopathy functions more deeply to repair and restore our normal healthy functions for a safer more corrective and curative effect. 

Homeopathy, like any other health care approach, is not the only solution, but it is an essential complimentary solution necessary for a safer, smarter more sensitive and complete approach to correction. Homeopathy, in its time-tested 200-plus years, provides a safe, no-side-effect approach that has no known negative drug reactions, no contraindications, is non-habit forming, and produces a hypoallergenic result that targets the deeper underlying causes behind the problem.

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy, and the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing  CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual, which can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line. Call 800-543-3245, or email [email protected].

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