How to Have More Than Enough: A Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Abundance

When most people are asked to think about what abundance means to them, their eyes narrow as they imagine winning the lottery and the unlimited Money, Freedom, Free Time, Travel, and Excitement it would bring.  We inherit a great number of false attitudes about abundance from society.  It is deeply ingrained in our unconscious that abundance comes only at the expense of others, that “money is the root of all evil”, that it is “dirty”, and it keeps one from “entering the Kingdom of Heaven”.  Another myth is that abundance is available only to a chosen few, who win abundance by being special, smart, crafty, talented, or lucky.
The truth is that money and abundance are not good or evil but are neutral, in and of themselves.  Abundance is a quality of life that is full, has “more than enough” and that abounds with love, fun, fulfillment, time, energy, money, health, and much more. Abundance is a quality of life to be experienced TODAY, not at some point in the future, when you’ve made enough, saved enough, done enough, worked hard enough, or when you think you deserve it.

Face to Face with Change

If you are not presently enjoying more than enough—something has to change.  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the results you have always gotten.  Who really wants to get up in the morning and say, “I hope everything stays exactly the same”? Everyone would like to know that they can be better today than they were yesterday—better in business, a better parent, friend, wiser, etc.
The place to initiate change is within yourself.
Which way are you pointing?  Times of pain, disappointment, and discomfort are an opportunity for change.  People like to point their fingers and want someone else to do the changing.  Change begins with you.  Your thoughts create your reality.  What you focus on is what you attract into your life.  If you are unhappy with your life, change your focus.  Find something you like and concentrate on it. 

The Big “I”

There are five stones that make up a strong foundation.  The cornerstone of the foundation—the most important block in the whole house—is integrity.  Integrity is old-fashioned honesty.  It is doing things right and knowing that you can hold your head up high, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks.  Integrity is a commitment to truth.

Rock-Solid Commitment

Commitment is the second foundation stone. To access abundance, you must be fully committed—body, mind, and spirit—to the principles of abundance.  If your body stores fears about abundance, or if your mind remembers past fears about lack, you must dissolve these blocks before you can move forward abundantly.  Get 100% Committed!  It is much easier to sit on the fence or stand in the middle of the road.  Getting out there in front of the pack creates fears and pains that are powerful and challenging.  Overcoming this challenge and committing to give the extra effort separates you from having a good life to having an abundant one.
One of the greatest riches of the universe is that there are others from whom you can learn to gain a greater understanding of abundance.  The following seven financial baby steps are steps that everyone seeking financial abundance and the more-than-enough lifestyle can take.  A commitment to these steps will guarantee your financial success and will have spillover effects in your personal and family relationships.


Loyalty is the third value you must have in your foundation if you want to build a more-than-enough lifestyle.  Loyalty is a close cousin of integrity and commitment. Loyalty means to be faithful to a cause, a person, or an entity.  Loyalty means that you have the character to remain devoted through thick and thin.  What are you loyal to?  You should be at the top of your list.
In your practice, loyalty means that you put in the effort to make a powerful difference in the lives of your practice teammates and patients.  At home, it means you wake up early to spend time with your kids, you share the chores, and you find ways to ensure that each family member has the opportunity to realize his or her dreams.


The fourth foundation stone, compassion, is the heartfelt ability to sense and be motivated by another’s feelings.  Compassion is genuine; it’s not simply syrupy sentiment.  It is actively getting involved in the world and, especially, in your community, family, and place of worship.  Others will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Compassion begins with listening.


The fifth and final foundational stone is responsibility.  To build and maintain an abundant lifestyle, you must pay the price by taking responsibility for your own actions and living responsibly within your means.  When you refuse to take responsibility, you rob yourself and those around you.  Living responsibly requires you to look your resources square in the face.  You have physical limits.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  You must learn to prioritize your time and your money and your energy.  Living responsibly means not wasting your time on low priority items.  The quickest way to fritter away abundance is to focus on low priority items.

Establish “No Matter What’s”

To help solidify these five foundational values, you must establish some “no matter what’s” in your life.  As in, “I do what I know to be right despite other people’s opinions, no matter what.”  “No matter what’s” provide you with the strength to get through difficult times and to build an abundant life financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  A warning:  You will be challenged and possibly ridiculed when you establish no-matter-what’s in your life.  When you are operating under a code of discipline, your self-worth goes up, you can hold your head up high, as you know that you are sticking to something of meaning.  Abundance is a reflection of your beliefs and self-value.

Your Vision

Purity of intention will always enable you to push through any obstacles to the achievement of your goal.  As you work your way through your obstacles, you will find that these problems always come bearing gifts.  Certainty, a clear vision, and total integrity allow you to take all the gifts that come your way and use them to create abundance from apparent lack.  Consider your vision as a pair of binoculars looking at your future.
Vision is the picture you establish and maintain in your mind of where you want to go in life.  Without vision, you will flounder about aimlessly, and you won’t know what your true destination is.  You won’t know where you are going, and you won’t be able to tell if or when you ever get there.  Simply put:  You go where you look!  Your vision shapes your attitude.  People with vision can see where they want to go and refuse to give up until they get there,  regardless of the obstacles.

Your Comfort Zone

Each of us wants to access abundance in our lives, in every area: health, wealth, relationships, work, creativity and spirituality.  And, yet, in each of these areas, we all have “hidden comfort zones” which silently sabotage us, diminish us and keep us from achieving all that we are capable of.  You must release these limits—which are illusions—before you can become open to abundance.  In Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill states, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
You can break through your hidden comfort zones by setting your eyes on the horizon rather than on your immediate situation or circumstances.  Studies of people who earn $100,000 or more each year and have maintained that income level for a number of years reveal an interesting character trait.  The six-figure earners studied all think in five-year blocks (or more) of time.  They are relatively unconcerned about today, except in terms of how today is a building block toward their vision, which may not be realized for another 20 years.  Thinking in 5-year blocks expands your vision. 

Crystallize Your Vision

An affirmation is a positive statement, in the present, of what you believe to be true.  Commit, once a day for at least a month, to sit with pen in hand and write your abundance affirmations.  Once you have written your affirmations, read them out loud with feeling.  The following is an excellent example of an affirmation:  “I release and discard any beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which are limiting me from sharing in the abundance of the Universe.  I am worthy and deserving of claiming my birthright of abundance.  My abundance is for the highest good of all and it creates abundance for others.”
Why should you settle for less than ideal?  The vision you dare to dream is the vision you can dare to achieve!  You must be willing to DREAM BIG!  The moment you establish a clear vision, and start moving in its direction with certainty, your life will take on a new meaning and a new level of excitement.

Start Right Now!

Abundance is your birthright. It is your gift for being on the planet.  You do not need to be special or gifted or anything else.  You simply must be true to your heart and true to your spirit.  Ask for all that you desire, act accordingly, and enjoy the journey. TAC

Dr. Mark Sanna is the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching and the president of Corporate Health of America.  He can be contacted at 1-800-723-8423, on-line at [email protected], or via the company’s website

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