How to make the financial future brighter.

CLIVE, Iowa — We’re all hoping 2021 brings better things — and that includes financially! In the latest episode of Chiropractical, we talk with financial planning expert Trent Burley about your finances in the coming year. What can you do right now to make your financial future brighter? What are the three most important things to focus on as you think ahead? What impact will the new presidential administration have? And what’s the magic of 20-60-20?  

In our Ask NCMIC segment, we learn the difference between Par and Non-Par when it comes to Medicare. We also talk to Amanda Westerhold about disability insurance, what it covers, what to look for, and who needs it.  

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In June 2020, NCMIC, the nation’s largest chiropractic malpractice insurance company, launched Chiropractical, a podcast designed to give DCs the tools, knowledge and resources they need to build and grow a practice that empowers them to create a life they love. It is hosted by NCMIC team members Chick Herbert and Melissa Knutson with special guest appearances by Mike Whitmer.  

Released monthly, the Chiropractical podcast is available wherever you find your podcasts.  

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