ImaSight Launches Free Digital Radiography Compass Guide: An Indispensable Resource for Any Chiropractor Considering a Digital Radiography System

Québec, Canada – May 21st, 2014 – ImaSight™, the chiropractic industry’s pioneer in digital x-ray imaging systems, recently launched its free Digital Radiography Compass Guide, a must-have resource to help chiropractors navigate the uncharted territory they face when considering an investment in a digital radiography system.

digital-radiography-compass“At our core, we are a trusted source of information for chiropractors, and they rely on us to help wade through the sea of confusion that often surrounds the decision of whether to invest in a digital radiography system,” said Steve Johnston, Vice President and Co-founder of ImaSight. “Our Digital Radiography Compass Guide empowers chiropractors with the confidence to ask the right questions to determine which system is best for them and how that system can positively impact their practices.”

ImaSight developed its Digital Radiography Compass Guide in response to the industry-wide need for guidance on choosing a digital radiography system. The free guide, which is downloadable on ImaSight’s website (, contains a comprehensive questionnaire covering topics that include retrofitting to existing software, warranty, support, and return on investment. By downloading ImaSight’s guide, chiropractors will feel empowered in their decisions about making a smarter choice regarding digital radiography. This guide is the lifeline chiropractors need to lead them to the information required to make an informed, confident choice about a digital radiography system that will modernize their practices and enhance their level of patient care.

“With digital radiography technology evolving so quickly, it can be daunting to try to figure out how to properly evaluate the various digital radiography systems on the market,” added Mr. Johnston. “We’ve been thrilled with the response from doctors across North America who have downloaded the guide and now feel empowered to investigate how equipping their practices with a DR system can impact their practices.”

Download a free copy of ImaSight’s Digital Radiography Compass Guide by visiting

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ImaSight Inc. designs and manufactures innovative digital x-ray systems and software specifically for the chiropractic industry, empowering doctors to increase patient visits through superior communication. Founded in response to the need for digital x-ray systems that delivered hospital-quality images at an affordable price for any size practice, ImaSight offers medical chiropractors the best digital radiography solutions on the market. Visit

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