ImaSight Modernizes Digital Radiography with the Launch of Game Changing VisionXpert Software

Québec, Canada – April 3rd, 2014 – ImaSight™, the chiropractic industry’s pioneer in digital x-ray imaging systems, announces the launch of VisionXpert™, its newest, most intuitive software to date. This updated software product moves the modernization of digital radiography forward with comprehensive features and an instinctual user interface, responding once again to industry demands.

imasightlglogo“The development of VisionXpert evolved out of our company’s core value to not only respond to user feedback, but to aggressively anticipate and satisfy unmet needs with product innovation,” says Steve Johnston, Vice President and Co-founder of ImaSight.

“VisionXpert provides the means for doctors to modernize their practices and immediately offer a greatly enhanced level of patient care. This new software creates high-quality, annotated digital x-rays that are useful as illustrative diagnostic tools. Doctors can store for future reference and also share with patients during the same visit or by CD and email.”

VisionXpert offers several key features that help chiropractors quickly assess and deliver a patient’s medical status, including:
  • A simple, faster and more robust user interface that operates like a dashboard
  • Powerful annotation tools that include Cobb’s angle and the Gonstead ruler
  • Diagnostic algorithms designed specifically for chiropractic review
  • Seamless integration into more EHR systems than any competing product
  • Full DICOM compliance that supports a fully digital workflow
  • Tele-diagnostic capability to provide medical services from a distance
VisionXpert’s new software features transform any practice into one that is technologically progressive, more efficient and more profitable. ImaSight’s commitment to the profession means their product offerings deliver the highest quality images at the lowest price point on the market.
“What sets ImaSight’s software apart is our commitment to the ongoing modernization and evolution of digital radiography. Product evolution must be responsive as changes in the chiropractic industry occur,” adds Mr. Johnston. “We invest a great deal in software development because we care about the success and growth of the industry. We look forward to seeing the positive impact VisionXpert has on the quality and success of our clients’ practices.”

ImaSight believes that every patient benefits from seeing visual case references. This aids in patient understanding of health needs and progress over time. According to IAEA, the benefits of digital radiology are enormous. With a filmless radiological department, a doctor can view images on a desktop and report out immediately after the examination.

VisionXpert’s enhanced user interface and annotation tools make it much easier for doctors to share, track and measure progress. This deeper “partnering” not only helps the patient better understand their progress, it has the added benefit of increasing the length of stay.

Learn more about ImaSight’s comprehensive and intuitive VisionXpert software and other digital x-ray systems by visiting Qualified chiropractors can sign up for a one-on-one, interactive demo.

About ImaSight
ImaSight Inc. designs and manufactures innovative digital x-ray systems and software specifically for the chiropractic industry, empowering doctors to increase patient visits through superior communication. Founded in response to the need for digital x-ray systems that delivered hospital-quality images at an affordable price for any size practice, ImaSight offers medical chiropractors the best digital radiography solutions on the market.

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