Innate Enhancement via Oral Chelation and Ionic Detoxification

Our modern day environment has drastically disturbed the body’s ionic balance, critically important for innate intelligence and communication.  Excessive positive ionization, a result of water, food, and air pollution, causes what Albert Krueger, MD (the late University of California (UC), Berkeley, researcher) termed “positive ion poisoning.”  Russian scientists (supported by over 5,000 scientific studies) report that systemic ionization with negative ions has a wide range of positive health effects.

It is well known that accumulated toxins, free radicals (oxidative stress), chaotic interferences, and electron instability of the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), responsible for all cellular energy, determine the functional status of the body’s electromagnetic systems.  Practitioners of the Quantum Repatterning Technique (QRT) employ oral chelation and detoxification to improve and augment multiple channels of innate communication.  Why?  Because unstable electrons and nerve-interfering neurotoxicants must be cleared from the nervous and circulatory systems to fully activate innate.  ETC abnormalities, acidosis, and chronic thoracic subluxations (T3 to T8) are commonly found in positive ion toxicity.

Innate communication involves a “galaxy” of billions of small neural cells that form our brain and DNA-guided meridian energetics.  As such, innate communicates predominately via biophoton flashes from the DNA to the meridian circuits of the body.  High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high ETC energy transmission and optimal function of innate’s communication pathways. Dr. Marian Diamond, neuroanatomy professor at UC, Berkeley, has found that negative ions relate to healthy levels of serotonin in the brain, alleviating depression, drowsiness, and increase mental agility.

If your patients are feeling groggy, lethargic, sleepy or depressed, or your adjustments are not activating innate healing, it may be that their bodies are overloaded with positively charged (ions) toxins. In areas of higher pollution, systemic overload with positively-charged toxins creates chronic nerve interference that locks up structure into holding patterns where the spine curves to accommodate the stress on the nervous system.  When this happens, adjusting the body may become extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The Chiropractic Detoxification Breakthrough of the Century

Our research has revealed that oral supplementation with Quantum Detox™ consisting of negatively charged minerals, a 200:1 aloe concentrate, and other herbal synergists has a powerful regulatory effect on innate intelligence.  When coupled with QRT flexoelectric protocols, sacral clearance is dramatic with one QRT treatment, resulting in clearance of brain proprioceptive interferences from the following muscle-organ-meridian sequences:  Fascia Lata-Colon-Large Intestine; Gastrocnemius-Adrenals-Triple Warmer; Gluteus Maximus and Medius-Gonads-Conception Vessel; Hamstrings-Colon-Large Intestine; Piriformis-Gonads-Conception Vessel; Quandratus Lumborum-Spine-Large Intestine; Sartorius-Adrenals-Triple Warmer; and Supraspinatus-Brain-Conception Vessel.

Detoxification of neural toxicants occurs with ease and without crisis or extreme cleansing reactions, common with other detoxification approaches.  Once these toxicants are removed via negative ionization in the digestive tract, it is amazing how innate communication perks up, allowing the non-responsive or treatment-resistant patient to heal and get well.

Chiropractors applying QRT in their practice marvel at how quickly the body’s structure improves and how a patient they had difficulty adjusting for years will suddenly adjust with ease after a few QRT therapies.  QRT enhances innate so that its full range of healing powers are turned on.  It is important to note that, in cases where innate fails to activate after an adjustment, erroneous information causes innate’s response to be inappropriate or ineffective.

Microscopic live cell analyses of blood taken from individuals who have detoxified with this unique form of oral chelation therapy reveal that it removes toxins that poison the endocrine, immune and nervous regulatory functions of the body.  Positive-charged toxicants and free radicals are attracted to the negative ionic minerals and carried safely out of the body (other methods of chelation pull toxins into the blood stream where they can jam up innate, immune and excretory systems or bind nutritious minerals, interfering with thiol metabolism).  The unique mineral complexes in this formulation are treated with bioresonant frequencies to release electrons repeatedly, thus improving the functional status of all innate’s electrical systems.

The key to unlocking the full power of innate intelligence is related to the organism’s ability to store and maintain coherent energy.  If the body’s energetic anatomy is not repatterned from the segmented proprioceptive interferences of stressors, innate becomes short-circuited or inefficient.  The foundational principles of QRT rest upon my multi-disciplinary research, brain proprioception, decades of experience with electroacupuncture, chiropractic (D.D. Palmer; George Goodheart, DC; M.T. Morter, DC; Wally Schmidt, DC; and D.A. Versendaal, DC) and osteopathic (William Upledger, DO) techniques.  Any statements regarding QRT should not be interpreted as criticism of these techniques or of these brilliant pioneering practitioners.  Two decades of correlating electroacupuncture data to kinesiologic-physiologic findings with 100% cross-correlation has yielded protocols that balance the sacrum and quickly identify and clear the sequence of aberrant nervous/meridian dysfunction in specific organs or systems.  QRT provides an accurate tool for assessing the individualized pattern of functional disturbances and the underlying stressors that induce and promote illness. TAC

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