Life University and ChiroSecure: Partners in historic transition!

April 18, 2013, Scottsdale, Arizona: ChiroSecure is pleased to announce that its chiropractic professional liability insurance program has been selected to cover Life University. In a significant and indeed historic move, Life University has announced a change in coverage to ChiroSecure; one of the nation’s most respected chiropractic coverage programs. Life University was motivated to make this change in part based on ChiroSecure’s adamant stance to keep drugs out of Chiropractic.
In a statement on Facebook posted today, Life University President Dr. Guy Riekeman told the chiropractic profession:

The reality is, every chiropractic college has accepted money from the biggest drug pushers and medical advocates in the world when we accepted student loan money from the United States government. And while there’s not much we can do about that and still provide an education to future chiropractors, Life University can strive, in a profound way, to be MORE congruent with our philosophy, principles and values. One of the ways we are doing this is through our insurance coverage.

partnershipNCMIC has been insuring chiropractors and chiropractic colleges for decades (In fact, they currently insure all the colleges, even those who tout being more principled than others.) Recently, executives at NCMIC published that if drugs ever became a part of the practice of chiropractic, they would insure those practitioners. Granted it may be at higher rates, etc., but Life University and particularly our Board of Trustees felt it was inappropriate to work with companies that would support something that is so contrary to our core premise as a college and as a profession based on our philosophy – especially when there are alternatives. Consequently, we have ended our insurance coverage with NCMIC and found coverage from a company who has given us guarantees that they will not insure chiropractors who use drugs in their practices.

To some this may seem to be a symbolic gesture, and it is not our intention to harm any company or individual, but it’s about congruency (not perfection) and taking what steps we can to be ethically aligned with our values and philosophy. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about another step we have taken to become more congruent with Life University’s philosophy and mission.

ChiroSecure has, for the past 22 years of service to the chiropractic profession, maintained a strict policy of supporting and servicing a drugless, non-surgical chiropractic profession and has spoken in opposition to the inclusion of drugs and other medical procedures in the scope of chiropractic in numerous forums.

As President of ChiroSecure, as a doctor of chiropractic and Life University graduate, I am very pleased by Dr. Riekeman’s actions on behalf of Life and his powerful statement of principle,” said Dr. Stuart E. Hoffman. “I look forward to providing the best possible coverage, prompt and efficient service and the most competitive rates to all members of the Life community and to earn Dr. Riekeman’s trust in this important role.”

ChiroSecure will continue to work publically and tirelessly to maintain the chiropractic profession as a separate and distinct science, art, philosophy and practice, offering a unique pathway to health and healing to patients of all ages, without the use of drugs or surgery. 

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