Medicfusion Partnership with MD On-Line Offers Major Benefits for Chiropractors

RALEIGH, NC – Medicfusion EHR today announced a partnership with MD On-Line, Inc. (MDOL), a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and enhance patient care. This partnership gives the chiropractic community one-stop access to a total electronic health records (EHR) solution by combining HITECH Certified Medicfusion EHR with the powerful financial management and billing capabilities of MDOL’s InSync® Practice Management (PM) solution.
chirocompleteCalled ChiroComplete, the combined product suite equips chiropractors with an EHR system designed to meet the challenges ahead in healthcare, such as the increase in government regulations surrounding documentation and compliance.

“This is a win-win partnership for chiropractors. In one complete package, they receive unsurpassed EHR automation and efficiency, as well as one of our industry’s most advanced financial management systems,” said Medicfusion CEO Shayne Sundholm.

A cloud-based system designed by chiropractors, Medicfusion increases office efficiency, simplifies documentation and compliance, and improves the speed and accuracy of SOAP notes. The system is also HITECH-certified, a major consideration since incentive dollars are available to practices that implement a HITECH-certified EHR.

MDOL’s InSync® Practice Management (PM) solution maximizes productivity and revenues streams by reducing operational costs and increasing profitability. The company’s fully automated billing system delivers exciting, new levels of efficiency when teamed with Medicfusion.

“In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, an EHR system with seamless billing and financial reporting capabilities is critical to survival for chiropractors,” said MDOL EVP Ashish Vachhani. “There’s no better time to embrace this technology than right now.”

Specific benefits to chiropractors from Medicfusion include an easy-to-use paperless system that fully automates your front office. Key features include Clinical Documentation (SOAP Notes), Transcription Library, Patient Portal Website, Custom Forms Library and ePrescribe.

With MDOL’s InSync® product, chiropractors benefit from effective management of payments and detailed financial and analytical reporting. Highlights include intuitive electronic remittance advice, electronic super bill creation module, charges generated at the time of charting, easy-to-review accounts receivable reports, daily reconciliation reports, and monitoring of outstanding balances and payments based on insurance carriers or patients.

The official release of ChiroComplete is expected mid-January 2014 with presales on now.

For more information about the ChiroComplete solution, contact Medicfusion at 1-866-643-7778, [email protected] or visit .

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