Medicfusion Video Depicts Chiropractor’s Life With and Without EHR

medicfusion-logoRaleigh, NC – Want a fun 2-minute overview of how EHR can simplify a chiropractor’s life? Look no further than “A Tale of Two Chiropractors,” an animated video from Medicfusion EHR that examines the dramatic difference an electronic health records (EHR) system can make in a practice. The video can be viewed at
Hank and John, chiropractors with big dreams, star in this short piece.  They open their practices and quickly attract customers. Hank goes with an EHR system and one receptionist; John bypasses EHR and adds staff, a big investment in people. As their practices grow, the video depicts the vital role EHR plays in a busy office.
Efficiency reigns in Hank’s office thanks to EHR. Customers quickly move in and out; paperwork is done in advance; notes are completed by day’s end; payments are made electronically; profitability increases; and he also receives incentive checks. In addition, with a certified EHR system, Hank’s Medicare reimbursements go up.
It’s a different story with John. Without EHR, everyone is swamped with paperwork. Patients grow tired of waiting to check-in and checkout. Staff members are overwhelmed and leave, creating turnover, extra training and added costs. John must work late to complete his notes; he’s struggling to make it as his Medicare reimbursements drop, a penalty for not having EHR.
In “A Tale of Two Chiropractors,” one dream thrives, another dies. Take it from Hank and John… and Medicfusion. View the video at
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