Metabolic Mineral Modulation through Homeopathic Potentiation™

After 30 years of applying nutritional therapy to over 250,000 patients, the complex dynamics of nutrition within a living being have become more apparent. In fact, patients who have applied long-term use of isolated nutrients, whether synthetic or extracted from natural sources, have been the most difficult to help.

Science has identified over 300,000 chemical components in food and estimate there are over 1,000,000, considering what has not yet been fully identified. This phenomenon confirms the old adage that the more we know, the more we realize what we don’t know. With these insights, it is prudent for us, as natural health care practitioners, to apply our knowledge with wisdom. Nutritional therapy applied without wisdom is analogous to the indiscriminate application of technology which, when applied without regard for its effect on the whole, can create disease and destruction in our environment.

Wisdom in nutrition says we should use whole nutrients in their natural state. Isolated nutrients, whether extracted from natural sources or synthesized, are chemicals similar to certain drugs. Multiple vitamin-mineral supplements prepared from isolated nutrients are a result of the old school mentality in medicine.

This reductionist cause-and-effect mentality is falling by the way in light of medical advances, which are revealing the complex interconnectedness of every aspect of the human body.

In this article, we will reveal the value of applying homeopathically potentiated minerals as a safer, healthier and more therapeutically effective approach for balancing nutrition and assisting in the elimination of toxic metals.

Minerals, like other nutrients, have complex synergistic and antagonistic interrelationships. For example, a vitamin C deficiency can allow a toxic buildup of copper, creating deficiencies in iron, selenium and potassium. On the other side of the equation, too much vitamin C can create copper deficiency, causing excess iron retention.

Complex nutrient dynamics occur at every stage of metabolism, from the balance of nutrient breakdown in the GI tract to the intercellular utilizations within cellular organelles.

Are we jugglers in a nutritional circus, narrowly focused on manipulating short range effects on some isolated lab parameters; or, are we wise healers awakening the powers resonant within the body to optimize health and wholeness?

Figure 1 demonstrates what we currently know of the complex interrelationships between minerals. Note at the top of the chart is calcium (Ca) and, at the bottom, magnesium (Mg). The line connecting them has arrows pointing both directions, indicating a mutual antagonism. The same is true of the line from calcium to phosphorous (P). This indicates that too much calcium can create a magnesium and/or phosphorous deficiency; and too much magnesium or phosphorous can create a calcium deficiency. Note the delicate interrelationships between the 28 minerals in the Figure 1 chart.

The list below includes some of the known synergistic mineral interrelationships. Some of the synergistic minerals are also found to be antagonistic in the mineral wheel chart. This phenomenon demonstrates the delicate balance needed for healthy mineral function within the body. Figure 2 elucidates the multi-directional relationships between vitamins alone, while Figure 3 focuses on the incredibly complex antagonistic and synergistic relationships between vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals need each other for proper metabolic functions. Both vitamin C and vitamin A are required to correct iron deficiency anemia. Zinc is required for vitamin A transportation storage areas to cellular utilization. Thus, zinc deficiency could be the actual cause of vitamin A deficiency night blindness.

Having a basic awareness of the dynamic interrelationships of nutrients can prevent us from traveling down a path of which we are so critical, the casual misuse of drugs in medicine. Isolated nutrients can create relative nutrient depletions, just as drugs can. Nutritionally induced deficiencies are not uncommon and are often caused by the intake of isolate vitamins and minerals.

One may take mega doses of vitamin C isolate, called ascorbic acid, to prevent a cold. As previously mentioned, these doses of vitamin C can cause a copper deficiency so that, while trying to prevent a viral infection, the copper deficiency can make you more susceptible to bacterial infections! Sounds much like the negative effects of antibiotics causing yeast infections.

One of the most abused nutrients is the most prevalent mineral in our body, calcium. Taking mega doses of calcium for strong teeth and bones can cause deficiency of phosphorus and magnesium, both of which are essential for healthy teeth and bones. Thus, excess calcium supplementation contributes to the very condition you are trying to prevent!

These examples are only a few scenarios of the many illustrated in the figures on page 60. Even they are limited in their scope, considering the myriad nutrient interactions we have yet to elucidate. Within this context, applying the wisdom of whole sources of nutrients becomes a no-brainer.

Using homeopathic potentiated forms of the exact nutrients taken will help maximize the effectiveness of the complex metabolic functions within the body. The homeopathic potentiation™ process assures optimal digestion, assimilation, transportation, utilization, storage and elimination of our nutritional supplementation for metabolic balance and ultimate safety and efficacy.

Nutrition is affected by much more than diet alone. Two significant controlling systems that affect nutrition are the nervous system and the endocrine system. These two systems work so closely together, they are frequently called the neuro-endocrine system. The neuro-endocrine system provides authoritative control over nutritional digestion, absorption, excretion, transportation, utilization, storage and elimination of all our nutrients! Homeopathic potentiations provide the vital cellular signals necessary for the neuro-endocrine system to safely and effectually balance complex nutrient functions.

Figure 4 demonstrates the antagonistic relationships between some of the endocrine glands and hormones. Note the line between estrogen and the thyroid gland. The arrows on this line point both directions, indicating that an overactive thyroid can suppress estrogen production, or excess estrogen production could cause low thyroid function. This helps explain why women respond differently to birth control pills. An estrogen dominate oral contraceptive can create fatigue, weight gain and even depression in women with high estrogen levels or low functioning thyroids. The same could be true during PMS, when estrogen levels begin to rise.
To better balance these intricately complex glandular, hormonal, mineral and vitamin relationships, we need to apply more complete and sensitive therapeutic measures, like the homeopathic potentiation™ processes.

Homeopathic potentiations™ of nutrients provide energetic cellular signals that work deep within the control networks of the body to maximize nutrient utilization and maintain the delicate healthy balances between our nutrients. Nutrients, either in deficiency or in excess, can cause proportional health problems in the body. The homeopathic potentiation™ process provides a special modulating effect to assure optimal healthy balance of nutrients within our body.

While nutrient-induced deficiencies are a common cause of nutritional imbalance, a simultaneous dysfunction commonly occurs within the complex metabolic processes of our body. Together, these external and internal sources of imbalance can compound the disease and disorders created by unhealthy nutritional levels. The homeopathic potentiation™ process activates these complex metabolic processes by promoting our innate ability to resynchronize dysfunctions within the body that have caused nutrient imbalances. Restoration of these complex metabolic processes has not been fully achieved by any other known means.

The homeopathic potentiation™ of the specific nutrients promotes restoration of the complex metabolic modulating processes of those same nutrients. Thus, homeopathic potentiations are critically needed to simplify nutrient therapy and make it more effective and efficient. Homeopathic potentiation™ directly addresses many of the underlying causes of nutrient imbalances within the body.

Homeopathic potentiation™ directly addresses the underlying causes behind nutritional imbalances and provides the following advantages for nutritional therapy and the elimination of toxic heavy metals:

1. Provides economical benefits through the enhanced utilization of nutrition both from our food and supplementation.

2. Provides more ecological utilization of nutrients from both food and supplementation, thus lowering entropy or metabolic stress within the body.

3. Modulates nutrient-induced deficiencies (relative imbalances and toxicities within the body caused by over supplementation).

4. Helps desensitize the body against potential allergies from specific nutrients and their sources.

5. Helps eliminate toxic heavy metals imbedded in the body more safely and efficaciously.

6. Compliments and enhances other methods of toxic metal elimination.

7. Helps regulate neuro-endocrine functions that largely govern cellular metabolism and nutritional status.

8. Helps activate intercellular signaling of the nervous system, as well as intracellular signaling throughout the body to maintain healthy bodily communication.

9. Promotes a more extensive correction of mineral and metal imbalances.

10. Provides practitioners with an effective and easy-to-use therapeutic tool.

11. Coordinates overall metabolic balance and regulatory mechanisms.

As you can see, homeopathic potentiations of minerals can significantly enhance the therapeutic dynamics of mineral balance. You will be impressed with the increase in therapeutic effectiveness you experience, as well as the ability to prevent unnecessary recurring supplementation. By adding homeopathic potentiation to your armamentarium, you will be able to move more effectively and efficiently through cases, providing more consistently successful results that build a solid and rewarding practice.

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy, and the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing  CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual, which can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line. Call 800-543-3245, or email [email protected].

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