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American Chiropractic Association



Speaker Of The House, HHS Secretary Applaud Chiropractic at ACA’s National Chiropractic Legislative Conference


House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Health & Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson each paid visits to ACA’s National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC) to acknowledge the contributions of DC’s to our nation’s health care system and to encourage ACA members to continue their grassroots lobbying efforts.  ACA also welcomed more than a dozen members of Congress to the conference.



From March 3-6, over 450 doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic students converged on our nation’s capital to urge elected leaders to support chiropractic legislation. 



According to Thompson, who made his third visit to NCLC, “As the national voice for the chiropractic profession, ACA has contributed significantly to improving the lives of countless Americans.”



Meanwhile, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a former football and wrestling coach, thanked chiropractors for helping get kids back on their feet.  According to Hastert, “A chiropractor is someone who can get people well without giving them a pill.”  Hastert also recognized the work of Dr. William Morgan, the DC who practices at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center and in the Office of the Attending Physician at the U.S. Capitol.  “As word gets around, his office is getting busier and busier,” explained Hastert.  The House Speaker also discussed his critical role in getting the ACA-backed Medicare chiropractic demonstration project passed.



“I’m blown away, not only by the sheer number of ACA members who participated in this NCLC, but by the enthusiasm of everyone involved,” said ACA President Donald Krippendorf, DC.




International Chiropractic Association



Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Inspiring Address to ICA Fitness Symposium:


Focuses on Service, Health And Responsibility 




For the 12th consecutive year, global superstar and chiropractic supporter, and now Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the featured speaker at ICA’s Symposium on Natural Fitness held March 5-6, in Columbus, Ohio.  Speaking to over 400 participants, Governor Schwarzenegger told the crowd, “I am honored to be back with you and to celebrate this great weekend once again.  We share a common mission, and that is health and fitness for everyone.” 


Governor Schwarzenegger also thanked the ICA for its longstanding partnership and support, and acknowledged ICA’s leaders as “key contacts” for the work he is engaged in as Governor.  ICA honored Governor Schwarzenegger this year with the presentation of a San Francisco 49-ers official helmet, inscribed, “To Governor Arnold, The Captain of Our Team,” and embossed with an engraved gold disc from the ICA Council on Fitness, autographed by all-time great running back Roger Craig, who was one of the main speakers at this year’s program. 


Governor Schwarzenegger also met privately with a delegation of ICA leaders on the very difficult and much discussed workers compensation situation in California.  Dr. John Maltby, ICA’s Western Regional Director, ICA’s Assembly Representatives for California, Dr. James Musick, and Dr. Brian Porteous, as well as ICA Executive Director Ronald Hendrickson participated in what can only be characterized as positive, direct and productive talks.  Such discussions are part of ICA’s on-going dialogue with the Governor and his senior representatives on a wide range of issues important to the chiropractic profession. 


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World Chiropractic Alliance


Chiropractic Research Generates Widespread Television Coverage




A press release about research into chiropractic and fertility, distributed by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), has generated widespread coverage on television stations around the nation.



Madeline Behrendt, DC, lead researcher for the series of articles in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), was spotlighted on a special syndicated television news feature. Dr. Behrendt is a member of the WCA International Board of Governors and chair of the WCA Council on Women’s Health.



The taped segment was distributed to news outlets around the country and aired on major television news programs in New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boise and other cities. Many of the stories were also placed on the Internet, either in print or video format. A link to the story was also included on the website of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  For links to online TV news videos and stories, visit the WCA website at



In the interview, Dr. Behrendt made certain the audience understood what chiropractic was really for. “The chiropractor identifies spinal distortions, which are called subluxations, and once they were detected and corrected, the fertility function improved,” she explained.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than six million women in the United States are infertile and over nine million use some kind of infertility service.


“I think this proves that we can generate positive publicity for the profession without shying away from the word subluxation or spending millions on paid programming or advertising,” says Terry A. Rondberg, DC, WCA President.

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