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Northwestern Health Sciences University Leads in Contributions to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Northwestern Health Sciences University has donated $55,000 to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress in the last two years, which is the largest amount of any chiropractic educational institution in the world. The second-largest donation total for that period is by the three Palmer Colleges, which have donated a combined $40,800.

For Mark Zeigler, DC, president of Northwestern, the reason for giving is simple. “Because we need to,” he responded when asked about the donation. “I feel that, by leading the contributions,” said Dr. Zeigler, “it makes a statement to our organization and to our profession that this effort is making a difference. Every dollar they receive goes directly toward advertising. Ultimately, we want to place successful doctors in a marketplace with an educated public.”

The Foundation recently announced it has received more than $127,600 from chiropractic colleges and universities throughout the world, all of which are members of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC).

For more information on the Foundation for Chiropractic, or to make an online pledge, visit their website at or call 1-866-901-3427.


Virginia Chiropractic Association and Virginia Society of Chiropractic Form Unification Committee.

The Virginia Chiropractic Association (VCA) and the Virginia Society of Chiropractic (VSC) announced their intent to unite into a single entity and the formation of a Unification Committee.

The unification will create a single, more influential association in the Commonwealth of Virginia that will better serve chiropractic doctors, patients, and the profession as a whole. The goal is to reduce duplication, allowing the profession to devote more resources and expertise to public policy, education, legal and legislative initiatives.

Over the past several years, the organizations have begun collaborating more and more frequently, assisting each other in legislative activities and conducting joint educational programs. Both presidents accepted honorary memberships in the other organizations and face-to-face meetings and conference calls between the two Boards and staff became regular occurrences.

The committee will be co-chaired by Drs. Ward and Robinson and consist of four representatives from each organization selected to provide a range of experience, historical insights, and perspectives. For more information, contact William B. Ward, DC, CCSP, at [email protected], phone 1-540-932-3100; or Bradbury N. Robinson, DC, FICA, at


Focus on the Arizona Association of Chiropractic

The weather is not the only thing heating up in the Arizona desert at this time of year. The Arizona Association of Chiropractic recently hired a new Executive Director and she is on a mission to build a new membership benefits package and increase membership. Sandie Schmidt joined the AAC with almost two decades of non-profit experience.
The Association has been heavily involved with legislative issues this year, winning a small victory on HB 2160, to update and clarify some outdated language that better defines services the chiropractors are trained and licensed to provide. In an unprecedented action, the Association joined a coalition of other health care organizations to file suit against the state for sweeping funds from Board regulatory agencies. This action would have resulted in higher licensing fees for State chiropractors; however, testimony provided by the Association worked toward turning the tide and the state returned the funds to the Board. The Association is also examining the possibility of submitting a grant application under the Stimulus Package to evaluate.

World No Tobacco Day is May 31

World No Tobacco Day Focuses on Role of Health Professionals: World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) contributes in support of World No Tobacco Day sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and observed on May 31 every year. The WFC is encouraging all chiropractic organizations and all chiropractors throughout the world to participate in “No Tobacco Day” and utilize the WFC Chiropractors Against Tobacco (CAT) materials available at the WFC website

Tobacco use is one of the chief preventable causes of death in the world. WHO attributes about 5 million deaths a year to tobacco use, a figure expected to rise to about 10 million deaths a year by 2020, with 7 million of these deaths occurring in developing countries.

For more information, visit the World Health Organization website ( and type in “World No Tobacco Day” in the Search box. For information about local activities, contact the national chiropractic association member in your country. For Chiropractors Against Tobacco (CAT) materials, see the WFC website.

Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC ) Files Suit against Blue Care Network

The Michigan Association of Chiropractors has filed suit against Blue Care Network. Under the Michigan Insurance Code, insurers are not allowed to treat one class of providers differently from other classes of providers. The MAC has gathered evidence of routine violations of the insurance code and it anticipates a corrective action by the court.

The MAC is also planning to reintroduce scope restoration legislation in the Michigan Legislature in the near future. Last session, we came closer than ever before to updating Michigan’s scope, the most restrictive in the nation.

For more information, visit

and demonstrate the cost savings by including chiropractic access in the state’s health system (AHCCCS). For more information, visit / or call 1-602-246-0664.

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