NUHS Expands Free Services at Veterans Clinic

Lombard – National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Lombard has been providing free acupuncture for combat veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) since 2010. Since then, the Veterans Clinic at the NUHS Whole Health Center has provided close to 4000 free treatments to veterans and their families.

The university is now expanding the program, offering more services for veteran health care needs. The expanded services are made possible by donations from corporate sponsor China-Gel in Arlington Heights, manufacturer of herbal topical pain relievers. 

The NUHS Veterans Clinic will now offer full acupuncture services for all health conditions, as well as moxibustion and tui na therapies. Moxibustion is the therapeutic application of heat to specific acupuncture points on the body to accelerate healing. Tui na is a vigorous and therapeutic form of massage along acupuncture meridians. 

“We’ve chosen specific therapies that have been shown to be effective in pain relief, PTSD and a wide range of health conditions often suffered by combat veterans,” says Dr. Stiefel. To help with at home care, the NUHS Veterans Clinic provides veterans with free pain relief products from China-Gel. 

In addition to the expanded free services which will be offered at the Veterans Clinic, NUHS will also offer deep discounts for veterans on other health care services such as physical examinations, chiropractic services, radiology, orthotics, physical rehabilitation and more.

“Since we began our free acupuncture for veterans five years ago, we’ve seen substantial improvement in patients with PTSD symptoms,” says Dr. Hyundo Kim, chief clinician at the NUHS Veterans Clinic. “By expanding our services and covering a wider range of conditions, we hope to offer veterans safe and natural health care choices that can improve their quality of life.”

 “A University’s responsibility is to give back to its community,” says President Stiefel. “Veterans are among the most honored members of that community, and their health is important to us.”

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