Palmer College Teaches Students with Multi Radiance Medical Laser Therapy Devices


Multi_Radiance_Medical_logo_-_new(Solon, OH) – Multi Radiance Medical, an international laser therapy company, is pleased to announce that Palmer College of Chiropractic will instruct their students with MR4 super pulsed lasers. Steve Querio, D.C., a 1993 alumnus, had the honor of presenting the new equipment to Larry L. Swank, D.C., Clinic Systems Administrator at Palmer College.

The new MR4 devices will be used at Palmer’s Davenport, Iowa, and Port Orange, Florida, campuses in both the academic and clinical settings. Students will now have the ability to learn about and use the state-of-the-art super pulsed laser technology from Multi Radiance Medical in addition to the chiropractic care that they provide to many patients.Palmer_logo

Dr. Swank is pleased that Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 laser therapy units have become an additional intervention for patient care as well as an addition to student intern instruction at Palmer. “In our clinics, faculty clinicians and interns will identify patients who could benefit from laser therapy as part of overall treatment intervention,” he explained. “In the academic setting, students will be introduced to laser therapy concepts in a pre-clinical structural learning setting. This will include actual practice during practical classroom sessions. We are excited to see the potential that the MR4 laser therapy brings to the care of patients in our clinical settings and the opportunity for student interns to witness firsthand the therapeutic benefits of this treatment option.”

Max Kanarsky, President of Multi Radiance Medical, states, “We are excited to be able to provide our laser therapy equipment for use by the faculty and students at Palmer College.  We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Palmer College to help advance their students training and skills.”

Palmer College of Chiropractic has its main campus location in Davenport, Iowa, with branch campus locations in Florida and California.

Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared therapeutic super pulsed laser devices, which are used throughout the world to treat acute/chronic pain, bursitis, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, tennis elbow, muscle strain, tendonitis, and other conditions.

Multi Radiance Medical is an international corporation with a presence in over 30 countries and has been servicing customers for 20 years.

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