Portable Tens Offers Profit Opportunity for Chiropractors, PTs


Contact: Jan Gusich, AKHIA Public Relations
216.509.6862 or [email protected]

Scottsdale, AZ—September 24, 2012 – Chiropractors who are looking for ways to treat patients between visits – and make money doing it, should considerportable tens machines. Patients will appreciate that you can sell them a product that brings comfort away from the office, and they can be a profit center for your business.

A portable tens is approximately two-inches small, fits in a pocket, and enables chiropractors to bring relief to patients between visits with electronic massage. The device uses electronic simulation to relax and unwind muscles on any part of the body with deep, pulsating massage through reusable pads or leads that comfortably adhere to your skin.

My Electric Massage sells a high-quality portable tens machine to chiropractors and physical therapists at a cost of only $90. The units can be resold to patients for anywhere from $250 to $300, representing a significant profit center for chiropractors. The company also enables chiropractors to custom brand the units with their own practice name.

The portable tens machine has several settings massage modes, including rubbing, kneading and tapping. The pulsating current not only relaxes muscles but can improve circulation, promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, relieve tissue pain and sooth and relax your aching body. It can help prevent muscle atrophy for people and patients who are bedridden.

“The attraction is that this small tens units are very powerful for muscle relaxation and they can be carried in your pocket, on an airplane, in your car, to your office. It helps you help your patients between visits and keeps chiropractic treatment top of mind with patients,” said My Electric Massage president Devin P. Gusich.

For more information visit www.MyElectronicMassage.com. For special pricing for chiropractors, call the company direct at: 30.697.5093.

My ElectronicMassage.com is headquartered in Socttsdale, Arizona.

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