Q&A with Lisa Goldberg


I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by the upcoming electronic medical records (EMR) changes. How do I know which vendor is right for me?—Inundated in Augusta, Maine


The 2014 date for 100% EMR usage is not a completely new proposal. In fact, President Bush announced this goal back in 2004. With 2014 fast approaching, a lot of vendors are trying to use fear tactics to scare physicians into purchasing their product. Buyer beware that each EMR system is very different and may be unsuitable to your needs. You want to choose a product that is right for your practice and makes you more productive and profitable. With over 400 EMR vendors in the market today, there are so many options, and there is one out there that meets your wish list. We can help you identify an EMR product that has ease of use and will be effortless to transition into your practice.

Some popular EMR features that can really help to cut costs are those that integrate with people and programs that you already have in your office. For example, if you do your billing in-office, a great feature to look for in your dream EMR program is one that can be integrated with your billing software. If your practice is medically integrated, and does in-house dispensing, you will want to look for an EMR that can e-prescribe so that prescriptions can print directly to the dispensary or the patient’s pharmacy. Another great aspect of EMR is its ability to make transcriptionists become obsolete and you can save hundreds and thousands on outsourcing your dictation to companies. Some EMR systems come with laptop tablets with your templates uploaded and all you have to do is click on the different options and write your notes and it turns your notes and clicks into dictation, prescriptions and, before you are even on to the next patient, your claims have already been sent to the insurance companies (which saves you time and money). Tying together all these features and benefits to your practice does not have to be a herculean feat. At Physicians Choice Concierge, we are able to identify the right system for you and help you integrate it for everyday use.

The advantages of EMR for your office should outweigh whatever incentive President Obama is going to give. Physicians that are not on EMR may find that it is a challenge to coordinate care, measure quality of care, and decrease medical errors. You want to reduce your expenses on chart costs, paper, and your time; improve your profitability; and access/send records from anywhere in the world while still achieving 100% HIPPA compliance. The right time to act on EMR is now.

Lisa Goldberg is the Executive Director of Physicians Choice Concierge (PCC), a company specializing in revenue enhancement. If you have a question you’d like to ask Lisa in an upcoming issue, email [email protected] or call 1-888-369-2224 for a personal consultation on which EMR system will work best for your practice.

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