Single Problem, Single Solution

Single Problem, Single SolutionFor 21 years, we have helped Chiropractors increase their success in their medical clinics; which why we created our “Single Problem, Single Solution” series.

Of late, more DCs have expressed their frustration about not standing out in town.  Hence, this book shows doctors how to create their “local expert” status; thus, transforming them into “go-to, must see” Chiropractors in their geographic area.

We teach doctors how to create or restructure their platforms and elevate their brands & reputations via mediums like radio, public access television and writing. Then, we teach them how to monetize their status into profitable exclusive marketing relationships.

Steven Cox and Claudio Gormaz have been helping Chiropractors build up their practices by teaching them how to get more and better patients for the last 21 years.  Scores of DCs have benefited from their strategies to create and/or build-up their brands, establish their local expert status, elevate their messages via in-depth and relevant content, and create fruitful and predictable advertising messages.  They have shared many of their strategies through hundreds of practice enhancing articles in over 110 national and regional publications.  They will gladly help you too!  They can be contacted through 530.492.9971,, or [email protected].

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