Spray the Pain Away

Hubert von der Beeck is founder, president and CEO of KOOL ’N FIT America. Emigrating from Germany in 1969, von der Beeck started the company in 1984. After spending years participating in and around cycling, marathons and soccer, von der Beeck saw a need for his family-developed topical product with unique properties not found in existing products in the states. KOOL ’N FIT has a myriad of uses, with pain relief being one of its many benefits.

Q:  How did your family come up with the original formula for KOOL ’N FIT®?

A: Before the emergence of today’s giant drug companies, local pharmacists would “hand make,” at their shops, the medicine your doctor prescribed. Over decades, my family owned and operated pharmacies in Germany and, as such, developed various safe and effective remedies to relieve symptoms of minor, everyday health concerns, like stuffy noses, chest colds, arthritis pain, and more. Thus, the original formulas of the KOOL ’N FIT® products were born (circa 1880). We introduced the first KOOL ’N FIT product, the ORIGINAL PAIN RELIEVING LIQUID, in the USA in 1985.

Q: Are there any side effects we should be aware of?

A: KOOL ’N FIT is ruled as safe and effective by adhering to the FDA guidelines for over the counter (OTC) external pain relievers. There are no known side effects when used in accordance with the label recommendations. Kool Fit America takes the utmost care in formulating and manufacturing our KOOL ’N FIT products in order to eliminate any impurities and to assure effectiveness.

Q: What makes KOOL ’N FIT so special?

A: There are multiple ingredients and, since each ingredient has its own effect on the body, the combined benefits of the multiple ingredients are exponential in nature and unmatched by any other topical analgesic product. Thus, the uses and health benefits of each KOOL ’N FIT product for the patient are extensive. 

Q: Doesn’t alcohol dry out the skin when used often?

A: Generally speaking, yes. However, KOOL ’N FIT contains more than a dozen herbal oils which re-lubricate the skin after the alcohol has dissipated. You can check KOOL ’N FIT’s moisturizing properties by applying a little on the tip of your thumb and index finger, and rubbing them together. When most of the alcohol is gone, you will feel the lubrication of all the oils.

Q: What are the uses for KOOL ’N FIT with chiropractors and their patients?

A: One, you can use it before spinal adjustments. It relaxes the patient’s tight and tense muscles, which reduces the force necessary to make adjustments.

It also helps relieve pain, which increases patients’ pain tolerance, resulting in easier therapy for you and your patient. Make sure you allow five minutes to activate from the time of spraying it on.

KOOL ’N FIT is also an anti-inflammatory product, which reduces swelling and improves circulation. It is an anti-inflammatory, which relieves pain, invigorates, and makes your treatments more effective. But, keep in mind, KOOL ’N FIT is not a conductivity product. We recommend using it first, then applying your coupling agent and beginning treatment.

You can also use it during electrical stimulation, as it improves circulation and relieves pain. It’s soothing, cooling action compliments your treatment and eliminates hot spots.

Another use is after cold therapy, as it reduces swelling and relieves pain. You can apply it after the removal of ice to prolong the cooling effect for a more effective treatment. You can even use it prior to moist heat therapy, if you choose, because it relieves tension and relaxes tight muscles. The increase in circulation generates a feeling of well being. You can use it before applying the moist heat to intensify effects.

You can also apply KOOL ’N FIT after spinal adjustments to relieve soreness and to relax tight muscles. And, finally, send your patients home with KOOL ’N FIT as a therapeutic necessity between visits, to comfort minor aches and pains, and to speed up the healing process.

We hear new uses of KOOL ’N FIT almost every day. It’s kind of like WD-40 and all the continual new uses for that product; same thing with KOOL ’N FIT.

For more information call 1-800-852-5665, email [email protected] or visit www.koolfitamerica.com.

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