Adjusting Table Shopping Guide

We contacted all of the major adjusting table manufacturers in the chiropractic profession for information and prices on their best selling tables.  We ended up with over a dozen of the best tables you can get at prices that vary from the top of the line to the most cost-effective.  All of the tables and companies featured here offer a complete line of tables, so be sure too look them up on their websites or call the number listed.

Over $4,000


Dynasty Executive II, Vertilift/Hy-Lo
Price Range:  $4,295-$4,695

Techniques most often used:  Pierce-Stillwagon and Thompson Powerful hydraulic drive (tested with a 545 lb. man); mechanical dorsal & pelvic drops (optional hydraulic drops); headpiece w/forward motion drop and side posture; automatic foot piece; bi-lateral foot pedal; structural steel frame; child safety features.  Qualifies for Handicap Tax Credit. or call 1-800-849-9547.

Zenith® Thompson® Hylo Table
Prices start at $11,025

Created by J. Clay Thompson, DC, and refined by Dr. Thompson & Williams Healthcare for over 40 years the Thompson table is acclaimed to be the finest chiropractic table in the world.  B.J. Palmer used this table and remarked:  “This principle can tie chiropractic together as nothing in the equipment field has ever done”.; or call 1-847-741-3650.

Leader 900Z series
Price Range:  $5725.00 – $8350.00

As one of the first companies in the world to add motorized distraction and controlled electric flexion to chiropractic tables, Leader has backed its reputation by leading the way in providing its products to many of the leading chiropractic and biomechanical researchers in the world.; or call us at 1-800-635-8188.

Galaxy Ultimate
Price Range:  $11,000-$17,000.

Technique most often used: Flexion-Distraction, Drop-type Work (Thompson), Gonstead.  Multi-technique type table. or call 1-319-455-2110.

Zenith/Eckard Motorized Flexion Table
Prices start at $4,695

Motorized flexion/distraction and the related “Leander Technique” was invented by Dr. Leander J. Eckard.  The Zenith/Eckard motorized flexion table offers a great treatment table that can be used for a variety of techniques over the life of a practice.; or call 1-847-741-3650.

$1,900 to $4,000


ME3 Elevation Stationary
Price Range: $1,995-$3,000

Techniques most often used:  Diversified, Activator, Biocranial, Thompson, ART. or call 1-888-421-0401.

Elite Manual Flexion Table
Price Range: $3,110-$3,860

A manual flexion table that will elevate, flex, extend and laterally flex with your choice of drops. or call

Ergostyle ES 2000
Price Range: $2,995-$5,300 (Manual Drop); $3,295-$6,500 (Auto Cocking)

Techniques most often used: Diversified, Pierce, Biophysics, Thompson. or call 1-800-592-7329.

Back Specialist EAF Flexion Distraction Table
Price Range:  $2,995 and up

With many custom options available, the back specialist is a diverse adjusting instrument, accommodating a wide range of techniques. or call 1-800-641-4107.

Advocate and Advocate XL Electric Flexion Distraction Table
Price Range:  $3,800-$6,000

Automatic Electric Flexion Distraction Table–An Electric Lift can be added (elevation).Techniques most often used: Flexion, Flexion Distraction, Pelvic Drop, Cervical Drop, Thoracic Drop, Lateral Flexion, Breakaway Abdominal, Flexion Extension Headpiece, Dual Ankle Extension, Scoliosis treatment. or call 1-877-426-6111.

$750 to $1,800


The Techniques Pediatric Table
Price Range:  $788.65-$876.40

Makes adjusting easier while ensuring greater level of comfort for both doctor and young patient. Turn going to the doctor into fun for kids as they climb on the table, or participate in  a game of name the elephant. or call 1-866-618-2253.

US Table Model 5000 Elevation Table

A finely engineered, rugged and outstanding table family for the budget-conscious that demand a high quality elevation table standard with 4 drops….with prices starting at $1,795, the U.S. Tables is an outstanding value.; or call us at 847-741-3650.

Tour Portable Table
Price Range:  $950-$1,150 (With five drops)

A very versatile portable table, suitable for diversified and Thompson drop adjusting. Thuli Tables also offers a Sport portable table and multi-versatile stationary tables. or call 1-800-458-4854.

Under $500


Deluxe Tony´s Table
Price: $329

A comfortable portable table that’s strong, easy to use, affordable, and backed by a company with years of proven dependability. or call 1-800-545-9206.

AME Deluxe Bench Table
Price: $375 with FREE shipping in continental US.

Complete adjusting/treatment table with face cutout, armrests, paper holder and cutter.  Sturdy well-built durable table with wide choice of colors. or call 1-800-382-0300.

ASTRA-LITE Chiroport
Price Range: $400-$450 with FREE shipping in Continental US.

Lightweight portable that is high strength, time-tested, and sets up in seconds. Starting weight 16 lbs. Acceptable as carry on luggage., or call 1-800-368-5483 or 831-763-0397.

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