Spring Seminar Series to be held for alternative treatment for scoliosis

clearscoliosisinstitute-logoCLEAR Scoliosis Institute is the preeminent alternative approach to the medical model of scoliosis treatment, which is watching, bracing and surgery.

The public at large will come to recognize that there is a less invasive alternative to scoliosis care than waiting, bracing, or surgery. The Chiropractic profession will lead this new approach to scoliosis care. This will be accomplished with CLEAR’s reliance on scientific research, documentation, and peer reviewed studies.

A growing number of chiropractors are participating in CLEAR’s continuing education programs. The educational programs are now available online, allowing the Doctor to take these classes at home. The CLEAR educational program is predicated on the premise that all chiropractors should be educated and trained on how to spot and diagnose scoliosis. Secondarily, many chiropractors have come to appreciate the technique component of the CLEAR program focusing on spinal structural correction.

The positive relationship within the chiropractic profession has led to a growing number of referrals from Chiropractor and Medical Doctors for their patients who want an alternative to waiting, bracing and surgery.

For more information and to register for the spring seminar series, go to www.CLEAR-Institute.org or call the CLEAR Institute at 866-663-7030. Classes are available online or in person through Parker University in Dallas, TX.

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