The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout

he 100 Year Lifestyle Workout book by Eric Plasker is now available in bookstores. This lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness program is designed to get you and your patients in the best shape of your life regardless of your age, and keep you that way for a lifetime. It makes a great gift for your patients, family and friends.

Chiropractic care is at the core of this fun and easy to implement program. In addition to breaking you through health and fitness plateaus and getting you off the weight gain/weight loss roller coaster, this book will help you build your practice. You will look great, feel great and your patients will love it!

This is the only fitness book that includes chiropractic as a critical piece of the fitness puzzle. Chiropractic is mentioned in nearly every story and section of the book and it is backed up by research and endorsements from Jack LaLanne and Stay Fit Seniors, professional athletes, Olympic champions, the top youth sports coaches in the country, and fitness juggernauts like the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Les Mills, Gold’s Gym, and Precor to name a few. Nearly every chiropractic association and organization is mentioned in the book and Foot Levelers has even contributed a special section on the importance of maintaining healthy alignment of the spine and the feet.

Here are two excerpts from The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout book.

Kerri Walsh’s Story, Olympic Gold Medalist
“Many high-level female athletes are also embracing the ESS principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout. Kerri Walsh, the two-time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball, told me in a recent interview that she believes that the balance of these three elements is an important factor in her training and her success.”

Roger Craig’s Story, 3 Time Super Bowl Champion
“Since he was in fifth grade, Roger has made taking care of his structure, spine and nervous system a priority. He grew up in Davenport, Iowa, which is the home of Palmer College of Chiropractic, where Roger and his family would go for their regular chiropractic adjustments to keep their bodies aligned and balanced. He continued the structural element of his training at the University of Nebraska, where he was named an Honorable Mention All-American.

“When he got to the NFL, Roger became a pioneer by bringing chiropractic to many of his teammates, including superstars Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Their visits to chiropractor Dr. Nick Athens were initially met with resistance by the 49er’s medical staff. The players knew the importance of the care they were receiving as it kept their bodies aligned and balanced and their nerves firing on all cylinders. Just like we saw in Terry Schroeder’s example at the Olympics in Chapter One, chiropractic care has now become a key component of the majority of professional sports teams’ and athletes’ lives.

“The balance of the ESS was definitely a key reason for my durability as an athlete and I believe it is a key reason why I am still healthy and in the best shape of my life today, even after football,” says Roger.

Get Your ESS in Shape™—Unique and Vital to Healthy Aging
The ESS concept is the framework for The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout. It involves the three elements that must be in shape to ensure quality of life as people age, namely your Endurance, Strength, and Structure. Endurance relates to good cardiovascular exercise, important for a healthy heart. Strength covers strength training, a component of being able to stay healthy, active, independent and mobile, especially as you age.  Structure deals with posture, flexibility, a healthy muscular system, and a healthy spine and nervous system. The balance between the three, the ESS, ensures good health, mobility, and activity as you age. An unhealthy heart, weak muscles and bones, or a deteriorated spine can all severely limit your quality of life.

The Family Practice has prepared a special marketing report to help you use The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout to get more patients under care, become the chiropractor for youth sports programs, and get personal trainers and gyms referring to your practice. It is available for free at


Dr. Eric Plasker is the founder of The Family Practice, a marketing and training company for chiropractors, and the author of the international best selling book, The 100 Year Lifestyle, and the creator of The 100 Year Lifestyle Certification Program. He can be reached at 1-866-532-3327 or [email protected]. For a free audio download to help you build your practice, visit

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