The Magnificence of Chiropractic

The Magnificence of Chiropractic

by John F. Demartini, D.C.


Thank you Chiropractic for providing me this wonderful opportunity to express for a moment my heart of thanks for you, the Chiropractic Profession. Becoming a chiropractor has been one of the most powerful gifts I have ever received in my life. When I reflect on my career as a chiropractic healer I think of many of the blessings.

For one, I am enabled to work daily on the most magnificent structure so far ever discovered in the universe, the human body. When I contemplate the wisdom, harmony and order that was provided this masterpiece of created and evolved art, I often sit in amazement. Nowhere in the universe has man discovered any physical structure more glorious than his body.

For two, I am gifted with a perfect balance of support and challenge from my patients which allows me maximum growth and evolution as a being, for I have learned that I grow most when I keep these two sides in balance.

For three, I have been blessed daily with miracles of healing. I have experienced the lame walk again, the blind see again, the comatose awaken, and the paralyzed function again. I have had so many moments with tears of gratitude that I have sometimes become completely inspired and speechless.

For four, I have been given the honor of friendships with some of the most amazing other chiropractors from all over the world and this touches my heart to think I am part of a worldwide mission of love and healing. I have learned so much from them all. Thank you!

For five, I have been provided with the opportunity to speak out about the chiropractic message of healing, the power of the healer within, and the significance of love and gratitude in healing to over a half billion people worldwide.

For six, I have been blessed with three beautiful children who were born naturally without drugs or surgery and who are vital and inspiring individuals today with their own missions.

For seven, I have been given the opportunity to study, learn so many useful methods of healing that I have been able to fulfill a dream and mission of becoming a chiropractic healer. This dream began when I was 17 years of age. Thank you!

I could go on and on with my list of blessings and maybe they are similar to those you have received, too. But my final blessing is that I find it wise to stop for a moment and reflect on the chiropractic gift we have all been given. Thank you, D. D. Thank you, B.J. Thank you, all legendary chiropractors, for sacrificing your lives for me to be where I am today.

We have been given such a beautiful opportunity to work with our hands, hearts and our minds. We have been given the gift of being rewarded financially for our loving service. We have been given the fulfillment of our dreams of being healers. What can we, as chiropractors, do but share our message with the world? To think that we can go to work each day and learn, through our patient reflections, all about the parts of ourselves we have yet to master and receive the honor of being a doctor or teacher of wisdom and truth. What a gift it is to be part of a profession that is over a hundred years ahead of its time and had the courage to move forward despite all obstacles. What wisdom and understanding exists within our heritage.

Every month, new discoveries in science are confirming our principles. Every day, our patients are bringing testimonials to our contribution. Every hour, another patient is been relieved of conditions of long standing. When we reflect on the many transformations that are going on in this world today we can marvel over the way the world is blessing us. We have been handed a gold mine of opportunity. We have been given the enlightened torch of leadership for the twenty-first century. We are the chosen ones of the natural approach to healing. What was once condemned is now the leader. What was once the neophyte is now the master. What was once a fledgling now flies majestically. Yes, we are blessed to be part of an era of truth in healing. We can raise our heads high, not in pride for our accomplishments but in thanks for our patience and commitment.

Today, we sit on top of the mountain of healing. We look down at where we came and take a moment to be grateful for our journey. But it is not time to rest or slide from our mission. No, it is a time to lead once again into the future of chiropractic. The world is becoming ours. But this is but a stepping-stone to the future of chiropractic beyond. May we expand our vision daily. May we illuminate our world ever so much more to the power that made this body and its ability to bring about healing to this body. Thank you, oh great universe, so filled with wisdom, for bringing to our awareness this special contribution called the adjustment. Thank you, humanity, for being so ready with your trust and willingness to lie beneath our hands so filled with the presence of love. Thank you, oh great laws of the universe, for providing us with such means of certainty. Thank you, oh source of inner wisdom, for having the ability to express our thanks so humbly. Once again, thank you, dear chiropractic. Thank you all. God bless you. God bless chiropractic. Thank you again, chiropractic.


Love and Gratitude,

John F. Demartini, D.C.

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