Time to Give Yourself a Gift

The holidays have passed. We celebrated the national holiday of Thanksgiving and the religious holidays of Chanukah, Christmas and New Years. Valentine’s Day is here and now is the time to give a gift of love. The appropiate gift of love for you and your office is a first quality computer program.

What is so important about this? It keeps on giving to you as long as you use it. How is it possible that a computer gives back to you? All you have to do is look at the features of a complete, fully integrated program.

First: A full-featured, integrated software package liminates 90% or more of the paper in your office. Your staff no longer need to pull out and put away files. The one-to-two hours a day spent in filing is now spent doing recalls, reactivation, collections and practice building.

Second: The proper program enters your examination and SOAP findings rapidly, and converts them into dictation quality notes and narratives. You no longer have to translate your special shorthand every time an insurance company or attorney requests notes. All you do is print and mail.

Third: A single entry places patient data in both the documentation and billing programs. A diagnosis entered in the documentation and billing program automatically appears in the billing. The treatment plan in your documentation generates the charges for services to your patients, verifying that SOAP notes and billing always match.

Last, but not least: An additional feature in top quality software is patient letters. These personalized letters, mailed at intervals, educate your patients and increase the respect and value for you and your services. The result is increased patient retention, more referrals, and more income.

Dr. Paul Bindell, President of Life Systems, Inc., is a 1975 Palmer graduate, in practice in Rockaway, NJ, since 1976. In 1991, he began Life Systems so that the profession would have reliable computer programs based on chiropractic practice. Dr. Bindell can be reached by email at [email protected].

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