To WOW or Not to WOW

To WOW or Not to WOW

by D Fernandez


Is yours just another chiropractic office?

Are your patients going to forget what your office looks like when they leave the front door? If you are not different from all the other chiropractic offices, how can you “wow” them? I have spent the last two years speaking to chiropractors on a near daily basis. I have become familiar with techniques, instruments, philosophies and challenges. I have attended seminars just about every single weekend of the year, and even attended various chiropractic school homecomings and Lyceums all over the country. I have met and heard some of the chiropractic greats, and I am proud to say, I have made some pretty good chiropractic friends and look forward to making more in the months and years to come.

So, as a patient of chiropractic, I often wonder why you are not promoting your abilities more effectively in your practices. Of course, we all know the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are not happy with your retention and monthly new patient numbers, you need to do something different! Your patients are not being educated on chiropractic outside of your practices; so, while they are there, make every second count. Plaster your walls with testimonials of amazing successes—and, please, be creative when you do this! Do not just pin up a hand written note on some cork board. Instead use the “wow” factor.

Your patients need to be inspired and motivated. They need to know and constantly be reassured that they have made the right choice in picking you! If, at any point, they are in doubt, they will be going to the next chiropractor down the street or—even worse—none at all. You see, I know this first-hand, all to well. My first couple of chiropractors, years ago, were pretty lousy. I was that patient that questioned every appointment. I am not the only one. You have patients that come in every single day, questioning why they are there. You need to WOW them. Show them, in a unique way, why they made the right choice. Use flat screens—not just one—but three or four or more to promote all the miracles your gift of healing has created. Have success boards that wow people. Imagine displaying a patient’s old cane that he or she used for years before receiving care. Imagine displaying images of all the different drugs a patient took every single day before he or she came to see you. You need to be different—WOW your patients.

So what is WOW in chiropractic?

WOW separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

WOW separates the sincere from the insincere.

WOW separates the contenders from the pretenders.

WOW is the full measure of your healing power.

Are you WOW? Is WOW part of your process?

How do you WOW your patients?

This WOW factor can be used by anyone. The problem is that most people won’t sacrifice enough to create it. I have heard too many chiropractors complain about investing a few hundred dollars a month towards WOW-ing their patients. By not doing so, you will lose your patients! They need to be WOW-ed. They need to be reminded, especially in financially rocky times, why it is so important they keep their appointments. That health is a process—and it takes time! And once that time has come, they can give you their canes to place in your success case or hand over to you the dozens of pills they take each day. These patients will want to have you take their pictures to place on your Brican monitors! They do this so you can WOW others…as they were once WOW-ed themselves.


D has extensive experience working with chiropractors throughout North America, specializing in bringing in new patients, as well as increasing patient visit averages. Today, people are growing more accustomed to being educated through technology. D will give you a wake-up call on how people perceive chiropractic care and illustrate the importance of not simply educating patients, but transforming their thinking. To learn more about D or to inquire about his speaking to your group, call 1-860-514-8668 or email [email protected].

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