Top Chiropractor in Atlanta First Choice for Celebs

ATLANTA, Oct. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The top chiropractor in Atlanta, Dr. Jared Simon, fixes backs; but he’s no ordinary chiropractor. Better known as the “chiropractor to the stars” among the Atlanta area, Dr. Simon is the first choice among both local and major celebrities when it comes to relieving back and neck ailments of all kinds. In fact, his list of star clients reads like a red carpet roll call.

Despite being widely considered the top chiropractor in Atlanta, Dr. Simon remains surprisingly modest when asked about his work with superstar Cee Lo Green, Olympian Gwen Torrence or NFL Quarterback Joe Theismann. He explains:

“I specialize in the entertainment industry, but my main concern is making sure my patients live pain-free, whether the person I’m working on is a Grammy winning artist, a teacher, an Olympian, a car mechanic, a sports legend or an accountant. It’s not what they do that matters so much to me; it’s how I can get them out of pain and keep them out of pain that drives how I care for them.”

Despite, or perhaps because of, his down-to-earth nature, Dr. Simon is becoming a celebrity in his own right. Once word got around that the top chiropractor in Atlanta had so many high-level clients, people wanted to know more, and he has now appeared on television and radio programs as an expert on chiropractic care.
Dr. Simon not only specializes in caring for those in the entertainment industry, he is also the founder of the Atlanta Actor’s Healthnet, which features physicians sharing ideas on healing back pain for those in the performing arts.

While he is laid back about his celebrity clientele, he also realizes the importance of paying attention to people’s line of work and how that affects their back and neck issues. “My patients’ professions definitely impact their back problems,” Dr. Simon says, “from repetitive stress injuries, which can be seen among athletes, to people suffering from pain brought on by a sedentary lifestyle, what they do or don’t do during the day can inform their level of back issues.” Dr. Simon says he does a careful assessment of these concerns and customizes a plan for each patient, depending on their individual needs and comfort levels.

Dr. Simon has become so well-known in the Atlanta entertainment industry that he is now the go-to Atlanta chiropractor for celebrities. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, making him very familiar with the special concerns of film and stage actors.

His practice, Century Center Chiropractic, is located Atlanta, Georgia. They offer state of the art equipment and a personalized approach to back pain. Each patient is thoroughly assessed and a range of treatment options is offered. Dr. Simon has been practicing chiropractic care since 1992.

CONTACT: Century Center Chiropractic 888-667-5235

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