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Bioderm Medical
Learn Strategies to Expand Your Practice with LIGHT June 2008
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance  
The Masters Circle will jointly host a seminar with CLA and CLA’s sister company CWA
March 28 & 29, Santa Clara
Convention Center
Enzyme Formulations, Inc.  
June 7-8, Logan College of
Chiropractic, St. Louis, MO
Dr. Peter Fernandez  
May 3-4, Orlando, FL
“How to Boost Your Practice Revenues, Reduce Your Overhead & Attain Financial Independence”
Foot Levelers  
Whole Body Family Care
Dr. Laura Hanson
April 5, Boston, MA
ChiroPractical Rehab for Spinal Health and Wellness
Dr. John Hyland
April 26, Orlando, FL
Spinal Disc Pathology—Imaging, Adjustive Techniques and Active Rehabilitation
Drs. John Hyland and Margaret Seron
April 12, St. Louis, MO
The ASR Approach to Sports Injuries
Dr. Kirk Lee
April 5, Wilmington, DE
SOT/Cranial Applications: Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Kurt Larsen
April 19, San Francisco, CA
Practical Spinal and Extremity Adjusting
Dr. Kevin Wong
April 19, Colorado Springs, CO
Freedom Awaits  
Take Your Decompress Practice to the Highest Level! Convert 95% Plus of Your New Patients and Get Paid 100%! Learn How to Transform Your Existing Insurance Based Practice into a Rewarding Cash Practice. You Can Have Total Practice Freedom.
April 16-19, May 14-17,
June 18-21, Fort Wayne, IN
Matrix Repatterning  
1-905-726-8770, Ext. 229
The Matrix Repatterning Intro course includes an introduction to the theory of cellular biomechanics, and a clinical workshop covering the assessment of the entire body, and treatment of key areas of injury. It will allow practitioners to begin to apply a basic level of treatment to help patients overcome many common structural conditions.
Dr. George Roth, D.C., N.D.
May 3, June 7, Sept. 27, Dec. 6, Aurora, ON, Canada
Neuro Emotional Technique  
April 10-11 & 12-13, Orlando, FL
NET Advanced
April 24-25 & 26-27, Chicago, IL
April 30-May 3, Sedona, AZ
Dr. Dan Murphy
Nutritional Neurology
April 5, East Elmhurst, NY
Nutri-West Colorado  
Dr. Lynn Toohey
Nutritional at Lunch
April 17, Colorado Springs, CO
Ulan Nutritional Systems  
Patient Management Secrets of a Million Dollar Nutritional Cash Practice
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