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Anthony Robbins
Wealth Mastery
May 22-25, London, United Kingdom. Register Now!
Bioderm Medical
Learn Strategies to Expand Your Practice with LIGHT
March 22-23
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
The Masters Circle will jointly host a seminar with CLA and CLA’s sister company CWA
March 28 & 29, Santa Clara Convention Center
Dr. Peter Fernandez
“How to Build the Million Dollar a Year Practice.”
March 15-16, Atlanta, GA
“How to Boost Your Practice Revenues, Reduce Your Overhead & Attain Financial Independence”
May 3-4, Orlando, FL
Enzyme Formulations, Inc.(Loomis)
March 14-16, Kansas City, MO
Foot Levelers
Anti-Aging prevention through Chiropractic Care
Dr. Michelle Binkowski
March 29, Cleveland, OH
Extremity Adjusting Protocols
Dr. Mark Charrette
March 29, Pittsburgh, PA
Low Back Stabilization
Dr. Manuel Duarte
March 15, Greenville, SC
Whole Body Family Care
Dr. Laura Hanson
March 15, Newark, NJ
ChiroPractical Rehab for Spinal Health and Wellness
Practical Spinal and Extremity Adjusting
Dr. Kevin Wong
March 8, Minneapolis, MN
Freedom Awaits
Take Your Decompress Practice to the Highest Level!
Convert 95% Plus of Your New Patients and Get Paid 100%!
Learn How to Transform Your Existing Insurance Based Practice Into a Rewarding Cash Practice.
You Can Have Total Practice Freedom.
Dates are as follows
March 12-15, April 16-19, May 14-17
Busch Chiropractic, Fort Wayne, IN
Future Perfect
2nd Annual Chiropractic Conference on Children’s Health &
Wellness & Family Wellness Spectacular
April 24-27, Atlanta, GA
Kaufman Technique
Turn off pain in seconds using neurological reflexes!
Stephen Kaufman, DC
Apr 12, Denver, CO
Apr 13, Denver, CO
Learning Curves
Dr. Jeffrey S. Slocum
Create more value for Chiropractic by mastering the 7 characteristics of
Advanced Citizenry. Explode your practice through leadership and excellence.
Mar 20, Merida, Mexico
Neuro Emotional Technique
1-800-888-4638 or 1-760-929-5980
April 10-11 & 12-13, Orlando, FL
NET Advanced
April 24-25 & 26-27, Chicago, IL
April 30-May 3, Sedona, AZ
Parker College of Chiropractic
1-800-438-6932, ext 7005
Parker Seminar Montreal 2008
May 15-17, Hilton Montreal Bonaventure
Nutritional Neurology
Dr. Dan Murphy
April 5, East Elmhurst, NY
Nutri West of Texas
1-800-247-8791 or 1-214-733-8838
Natural Healing
Dr. John Brimhall
Feb. 29, Dallas, TX
Ulan Nutritional Systems
Patient Management Secrets of a Million Dollar Nutritional Cash Practice
Feb. 22-24

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