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Pivotal Health buys HCMI Tables

 Pivotal Health Solutions of Watertown, SD has acquired the chiropractic table product line from HCMI Inc. of Springfield, MO. All assets and any future warranty coverage associated with the treatment and adjusting tables are included in the sale. Manufacturing of the profession-leading HCMI and Bennett film and digital radiographic products will not be interrupted by this transaction.

For more information on Pivotal Health Solutions and it’s new HCMI Chiro Table line, please contact 1-877-834-2377.

For information on HCMI radiographic products, please contact Jay McElhannon at 1-800-641-4107 or [email protected].




Glide While Feeling Only Comfort

 This winter give your patients the support they need with Premium Ski/Skate orthotics, available exclusively from Footmaxx. Designed specifically for those who ski or skate, this style of custom-made orthotic provides support, control and shock absorption.

The brushed synthetic suede top of the Ski/Skate orthotic adds grip while decreasing friction. The arch support is designed for proper edging with skates or skis and they come with a narrow fit for tight-fitting boots and skates.

The Metascan diagnostic system gives you an efficient and scientific means of assessing your patients’ need for orthotics. With an innovative method of diagnosis, the Metascan provides the best in technology to help you give the highest quality of patient care and treatment.

All Footmaxx orthotics are custom-made for each individual patient and designed to provide maximum biomechanical control.

For more information about any Footmaxx orthotics call, toll free, 1-800-779-3668 or visit Footmaxx.com



Stirrup Ankle Anchor

 OPTP is introducing the new Stirrup Ankle Anchor. The Stirrup Ankle Anchor facilitates effective lower extremity strengthening with resistance tubing. Functional strengthening, balance and proprioception exercises may be performed in multiple positions including standing, sitting, supine and side lying. Included with the ankle anchor are a door anchor and two resistance tubes of different weight which may be used individually or together. For more information or a free catalog, contact OPTP at 1-800-367-7393 or visit www.optp.com


TerraQuant Laser

 TerraQuant® is the only FDA cleared modality, featuring Multi Radiance Technology and it synergistically incorporates multiple therapeutic radiances, including Super Pulsed Laser.

LaserStim system is a TerraQuant emitter that provides both laser therapy and electrical stimulation.

For more information about TerraQuant Laser call, toll free, 1-800-373-0955.




The Scoliosis Self-Help Resource Book

 The Scoliosis Self-Help Resource Book includes over 100 pictures with step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions on how to help improve the curvature of the spine. This book is reader-friendly, encouraging the person with scoliosis to express their feelings and learn to be more proactive. This book is a must in every chiropractic office, as it sheds a light onto scoliosis management, which makes more sense than the medical model of waiting “under observation.” A person reading this book will discover that there are other choices besides bracing devices, drugs and surgery and that chiropractors offer the safest, most sensible approach to addressing an abnormality of the spine. For more information, go to www.veronicaesagui.com or call 1-503-650-2394.




Increase Your Practice

 Patients/Unlimited, a Santa Rosa, CA, based firm offers chiropractors a marketing service designed to increase their practices by welcoming new residents in their market zip codes. This is one of the few ways to communicate with prospective patients who may have injured themselves during their moves into their new homes or apartments. Names of new residents are furnished once a month on labels or by e-mail. Average zip code counts can be furnished in advance. For further information, visit www.BestChiroLeads.com or call 1-800-370-9903, 707-539-2742.







K-Laser Class IV Therapy Laser

 K-LaserUSA offers DeskTop and Portable Class IV Therapy Lasers. K-LaserUSA is managed by a team of doctors for superior Education, Training and Customer Support.

For more information about K-Laser Class IV Therapy Laser call 1-866-595-7749.



Verta Stretch …

gently increases intervertebral spaces

for relief of spinal disc pain.


 Verta Stretch is an electromechanical traction device designed for home use by persons requiring gentle, non-clinical cervical, thoracic or lumbar traction. Verta Stretch, by gently increasing the intervertebral spaces and lengthening the spine, is intended to provide relief of pain associated with compressed or bulging intervertebral discs. The Verta Stretch may appear complicated at first look. It is designed in such a way that the traction of one’s spine during use makes complete sense. Weary air travelers often look for an exercise unit while awaiting flights…the Verta Stretch would be the perfect addition to some of the machines currently found in airport areas. After a short period in the Verta Stretch, one’s body will feel renewed and ready for continued work or travel. It also will be a key machine in exercise rooms as well as sports clinics, homeopathic offices, chiropractors’ clinics, spas and elsewhere, as well as in individual homes.

To view a graphic of the Verta Stretch, along with more complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, go to the product Website at www.adventproduct.net/22602/default.htm



ChiroWrite SOAP Notes Introduces
Doctor Collaboration

 In an industry first, ChiroWrite’s latest release allows doctors to share their customized phrases with each other. ChiroWrite offers many areas where doctor-created customized phrases can be used. With the latest release, a doctor can choose to share the phrases they have created with their peers. This saves other doctors’ time as they will have a shared library of doctor created phrases to incorporate within their system and practice.

“We are very excited about this new feature,” stated Paul Thompson, VP of Operations. “Imagine if doctor A is an expert in one area and doctor B is an expert in another area. They both benefit from each other’s expertise. Now imagine doctor C who is new and not an expert in either area and how he/she would benefit. This is a tremendous opportunity for doctors to help each other.”

ChiroWrite was built to take advantage of touch screen interfaces such as the Table PC or a touch screen monitor. The point and click style interface allows for rapid completion of notes. Daily SOAP notes are captured at the time of encounter, helping to eliminate transcription services or weekend work and also reducing paper usage.

For more information on ChiroWrite, call 1-800-642-6082, visit www.softworxsolutions.com, or email [email protected]

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