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Dr. kaufman

New Soft Tissue Technique Relieves Pain, Restores Function in Lumbar and

Cervical Disc Syndromes!


Dr. kaufmanMany doctors blame sciatica and low back pain on herniated lumbar discs. Yet numerous studies show herniated discs occur in a large percentage of patients with no pain. Therefore, pain may be due to muscle involvement, not discs. A specific type of pressure on spinal nerves and paraspinal muscle reflexes resolves many so-called disc syndromes (often permanently). This frequently occurs within minutes or hours of treatment. Hundreds of DC’s and MD’s over the past 4 years have validated this simple approach. Treatment is done by hand, without any machines, tables, or instruments. For details, see www.painneutralization.com, or call Dr. Stephen Kaufman at 1-800-774-5078.


3DRX Insight Communicates Clearly with Gorgeous Graphics

3D3DRX is a company that saw the overwhelming need for patient understanding, specifically in the chiropractic industry, and has developed a “best in class” education tool that will rejuvenate your office, retain existing patients, and increase good referrals.

Our 3D graphics have been developed by examining human cadavers from the University of Utah Medical Center. We have combined the “Hollywood technology” of 3D with human anatomy to bring chiropractors this easy to use software we call 3DRX Insight. Because the human body is so complicated, often times it has been frustrating to try to communicate biomechanics to patients who have little or no background in anatomy.

3DRX has taken what is complicated and made it simple, so patients finally understand and doctors can see the results, as understanding shows on the faces of their patients. For more information, call 1-360-450-3709, email [email protected] or visit www.3drxInsight.com.


Protocol for Life Balance is pleased to introduce new Krill Oil from Neptune


ProtocolOur 500mg softgels are backed by clinical research from Neptune and we offer the best value among Practitioner brands. Neptune Krill Oil contains 30% Omega-3 fatty acids, 1.25% immune-supporting astaxanthin, and 40% phospholipids. Neptune Krill Oil is well researched to support joint comfort, healthy blood lipid levels, and may reduce symptoms of PMS. Contact us at 1-877-776-8610 for more information or visit www.protocolforlife.com.


Douglas Laboratories Launches Enhanced Website

DouglasDouglas Laboratories, part of the Atrium Innovations Inc. family of companies, announces the launch of its new website, www.douglaslabs.com, designed with enhanced content and user-friendly navigation through the company’s nutraceutical products, capabilities, and multimedia education resources.

“We are excited to enable a greater online experience that communicates the nutritional applications and benefits of our products, and serves as a hub of wellness education and support,” said Doug Lioon, CEO of Douglas Laboratories.

Other notable features include a new “Multimedia Education” section, which provides the most recent and relevant health and wellness information through video lectures, professional opinions and audio clips.

The improved “Product” section includes numerous search filters such as New Products, Health Function and Formula, encouraging effortless navigation of the entire product catalog. The Douglas Laboratories signature customized approach to wellness is continued in the website section “Personalized Nutrition.” For additional information on Douglas Laboratories, visit www.douglaslabs.com, email [email protected], or call 1-888-DOUGLAB.


Compliant Services & Solutions, Inc., announced the release of The Cornerstone CD


CCSIThe Cornerstone CD© is a collection of training videos, practice assessment tools, utilities and vital information developed and presented by Dr. John Davila and the CSSi team. The CD will help chiropractors become more profitable by understanding the business side of their practices and how to keep the money they collect by staying off the audit radar of insurance carriers.

CEO Neil Peiman said, “There is an aggressive effort by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the OIG, (Office of the Inspector General) and private insurance carriers to stop fraud and overpayments to doctors, and chiropractors are a target. Most doctors don’t know what triggers an audit of their patient files or what they can do to take their practice off the radar. The seven training videos, tools, utilities and resources on the CD are a must have and vital component to help doctors keep the money they collect and virtually eliminate the risk of an audit and repayments to these insurance carriers”.

Compliant Services & Solutions, Inc., is a consulting company that specializes in helping chiropractors operate their practices in compliance with Medicare and private insurance standards. For more information, contact CSSi at 1-877-322-6203, email [email protected] or visit



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