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Strobel Making News for Poison vs.
Prescription Mattresses



Mark Strobel has led the fight against new flameproof mattresses for four years because it requires acutely toxic and cancer causing chemicals in mattresses to pass the new federal open flame regulation, effective July 2007.

This past fall, Strobel generated TV news features with CBS New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Sacramento, and many more cities across the country with affiliates of all the networks, including CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.

These TV stories featured interviews with Mark Strobel; industry representatives who admit they use antimony (arsenic), boric acid (roach killer) and other toxic chemicals to make mattresses flameproof with no labeling requirements; MD’s and university representatives and many others who have gotten sick from the new chemicals now in mattresses.

Only doctors, including chiropractors, can prescribe toxin free mattresses and avoid the regulation. Many chiropractors are already prescribing and selling toxin-free mattresses.

To learn more and see links to the news videos and articles, visit www.PrescriptionBeds.com, or call Strobel Technologies at 1-800-457-6442.




ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group Announces


Performance Guarantee on Chiropractic
Consulting Services




 In a significant first for the chiropractic profession, the ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group has introduced a performance guarantee that removes any risk for a chiropractor or practice engaging the Group’s on-site chiropractic consulting services.

ACOM guarantees that annualized claims collections will increase by a minimum amount equal to the consulting fee. If they fail to do so, ACOM will refund an amount equivalent to the difference between the guaranteed amount and the annualized amount. Clients have no out-of-pocket risk, with the potential for significant upside in annual collections.

The ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group, a professional services unit of ACOM Solutions, Inc., enables doctors to ethically collect fully for all services performed while protecting themselves against audits, payback demands and possible legal actions. Group chiropractic consultants diagnose practice problems and provide options for improving chiropractic office operations and addressing the critical coding and document issues that are unique to the profession. The Healthcare Business Division develops and markets chiropractic software for clinical documentation/reporting and practice management. For more information on ACOM’s Chiropractic Consulting Services, phone 1-866-286-5315, ext. 602; email [email protected]; or visit http://www.acom.com/ap-automation.





Solutions for Parents Who Need Cold Remedies for Their Children


Safe products available in light of
FDA’s Advisory




 On January 17, the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory to parents recommending that over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold products should not be used to treat infants and children less than 2 years of age because serious and potentially life-threatening side effects can occur from such use. According to the FDA’s news release, there are a wide variety of rare, serious adverse events reported with cough and cold products. They include convulsions, rapid heart rates, decreased levels of consciousness and death. This news leaves parents of young children wondering what options are available.

Parents do have alternatives. Heel (a manufacturer of homeopathic drugs) offers safe, effective and natural medicines for infants and children suffering from common cold and flu symptoms. Physicians may confidently recommend many Heel medicines for their young patients, including Viburcol® pediatric oral drops for restlessness and fever, NectadynTM cough syrup (formerly sold as CoughFree) for coughs (recommended for ages 2 and up), Sinusin™ nasal spray (also sold as Euphorbium Sinus Relief™) for nasal congestion, and Traumeel® Ear Drops for ear pain and inflammation.

Heel, Inc., is the U.S. subsidiary of Heel GmbH, which is one of the world’s largest homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers with distribution in over 60 countries. For more information on other Heel products and their efficacy, visit http://www.heelusa.com/ or call 1-800-621-7644.




Jarrow Formulas’, Inc.,

Introduces Daily 5™ Packets, an Organic Mix of Fruits, Vegetables and Greens in Convenient Packets

 Jarrow Formulas has introduced Daily 5™ Packets, a USDA certified organic mix of high quality fruits, vegetables and greens in 20 convenient 6 gram packets. Daily 5™ Packets has a delicious natural apple flavor and is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, other polyphenols and chlorophyll and has no added sugars or artificial flavors.

Daily 5™ Packets features flavonoids and other polyphenols (in berries) that reduce oxidative stress and support healthy cell development, cardiovascular function and vision. Additionally, Daily 5™ Packets contains phytonutrients such as sulforaphane and indoles (in cruciferous vegetables) and ellagic acid (in strawberries) that promote healthy cell function and development. Daily 5™ Packets also contains anthocyanins (in berries), which are important phytonutrients for vision, capillary and circulatory health.

The suggested retail price (SRP) for Jarrow Formulas’’ Daily 5™ Packets is $33.95 for a box of 20 six-gram packets.

For more information, call toll free at 1-800-726-0886 or access the Jarrow Formulas website at http://www.jarrow.com/.

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