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What came first, the chicken or the egg??? well, that’s a question that continues to baffle even the wisest sage. This issue, you will have the chance to contemplate just that question, as the features are Neurology, Pediatrics, and Maternal Care. This triumvirate of topics is exceptionally overlapping, as one flows into the other.

So let’s take care of them all at once! These are currently highly poignant topics, as some have perpetuated the idea that there is only a limited amount of information available that supports the use of chiropractic in either pediatric care, or maternal care. There is a select group in the profession that have actually dedicated their lives and practices to just this type of care, all of whom have very happy patients as a result of their efforts. The pioneers and experts on topics such as pediatric, and maternal care through chiropractic most certainly have come to different conclusions as to the benefits that Chiropractic care has to offer their patients and, just for you, this issue we have those experts!

You may have noticed by the cover that this issue’s feature interview is with Dr. Frederick Carrick. Dr. Carrick uses functional neurology as an approach to understanding the chiropractic adjustment, all of its effects, as well as the cause for dysfunction. Approximately 4000 students have entered into his program with the vision of achieving mastery in neurology; however, be advised that not all that apply are accepted (page 16).

Also, in this issue, Dr. Karen Bagnell presents some of the neurological complaints you may encounter when dealing with a pregnant patient (page 12). And, so that you’re well prepared when your patients ask about the laws on refusing vaccines, Attorney Alan Phillips offers his insight as to your rights, beginning on page 26. Be sure to take a look at our signature market review to get an idea of what other chiropractors are doing to better serve these niche markets. (page 11)

To conclude, an observation that has become apparent in this election year is how a particular issue garnering interest is related to healthcare costs, or debates on life, whether it be the aging of it or the birthing process. Rarely does the talk isolate the real issue, which should be reform of the current medical model, or the potential improvements in quality of life a patient may receive through Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Studies continuously demonstrate the promise for more effective healthcare through the use of CAM type therapies.1 Rather than tackle the issue on this level, the presidential hopefuls seem to consistently have their own unique plans on how to reorganize the current system, and restore sustainability through guarantees of increased efficiency and taxation schemes going into the future. The data on the cost benefits analysis of the use of CAM as a primary care tool may be slanted, as most studies that even attempt to establish it are usually self funded; however the data of the cost to benefit ratio that the conventional medical model offers should be held to a similar critical evaluation. It appears as though the only ones pressing to bring this particular issue to the forefront of discussions are the practitioners that have adopted CAM—of which chiropractic is the largest group—as their own. It baffles me why one wouldn’t feel compelled to explore these issues more aggressively, as a potential solution to burgeoning costs of healthcare throughout the United States. On that note, be sure to read this issue cover to cover and, as Ghandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

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