Price Range: MSRP $65.00. (we only disclose the cost to the doctor once they are registered and certified by us as a healthcare professional) intraKID® is an all-in-one multi-vitamin & mineral for children. It contains over 215 nutrients collaborated into a great-tasting, all-natural raspberry formula. For more information, call Drucker Labs at 1-888-881-2344.



Pedi-Special Plus-Support for the Energetic Child



Price: 60 Chewable Flavored Tablets/$11.00. Rich purified Phosphatidylserine lecithin concentrate, Phosphatidycholine, Phosphatidylethanolamine and DMAE. These active ingredients have shown to help improve cognitive brain function including mental alertness, mood enhancement, memory and learning. For more information, call Atrium, Inc. at 1-877-287-4862.



Price Range: $35-$115. Raw Whole Food Puree, Whole Food Puree. One single product that is energizing and healing,with the highest certified antioxidant levels. Experience what is called the River Of Life. For more information, contact Dr. Randi I. Ross at 1-917-864-1366.



Baby’s Only Organic®

Price ranges from $9.99 to $10.99. Nature’s One® is the leader in organic pediatric medical foods. Their Baby’s Only Organic® toddler formulas are nutritionally comparable to national brands. Available in Dairy & Non-dairy SOY. For more information, call toll free, 1-888-227-7122, or visit




Complete Children’s Co-Factors™


Price: $18. Provides for proper absorption and utilization of Omega 3 fatty acids. Also supports heart and mitochondria. For more information, call Nutri-West at 1-800-443-3333.




Vita-Kids™ Immune

Price: Call for pricing Vita-Kids™. Immune provides a synergistic combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals formulated to support immune health in a great-tasting natural grape flavored liquid. For more information, call Douglas Labs at 1-800-245-4440.


Total Children’s Chewable

Price: $24. Pleasant tasting multiple vitamin and mineral for children. For more information, call Nutri-West at 1-800-443-3333.


Natural Enzymes N-UR

Price: $13.95. Retail Available in vegetarian capsules, this product contains ingredients such as Raisin, Centaury, St. John’s Wort, Plantain leaf, Oatstraw stem, and proprietary plant enzyme blend to nutritionally support individuals with bedwetting symptoms (not to be confused with incontinence or bladder control problems). For more information, contact Enzyme Formulations, Inc. at 1-800-614-4400.


SafeCareRX® Children’s Fever Reliever™

Price: Call for pricing. For fast relief of fever, sweats, chills, shakes, aches, pains, muscular soreness, nausea, faintness, lethargy, fears, irritability, and over-sensitivity. Works quickly to eliminate fever by activating the body’s inner ability to correct the underlying causes.

FDA registered natural homeopathic medicine in a Bio Energetically Enhanced™ pure water base, no side effects; one-hand pump spray. For more information, call 1-866-298-2740.


I Am…Inside of Me! by Dr. Stuart Hoffman & Sharon Penchina, C.Ht.


Price: Call for pricing. This beautifully illustrated book shows children how to find the light and the love inside their hearts, instead of looking outside of themselves. Children discover an ability to quiet themselves and listen to their inner wisdom while learning to always keep “I AM” close and safe within their hearts! This is the 5th book in the best selling and award winning series, I Am a Lovable ME! For more information, call 1-480-657-8506



401 Pediatric Drop Bench


Price: $1200. All Manual drops on a Pediatric-sized Bench. Adorned with a cute dinosaur logo. For more information, call Lloyd Tables at 1-800-553-7297.


Useful Resources

 Future Perfect Inc.


Price Range: Various. We excel at positioning the chiropractor in their town as a leader for children’s health & wellness. Pediatric coaching, community outreach programs and products and seminars are available. For more information, call 1-732-295-5437.


Pediatric Horse Adjusting Table

Price: $1,195.00. You will love adjusting kids when they climb on the table themselves and are ready for their adjustment. Sturdy build and multiple colors availability. For more information, call Future Perfect at 1-732-295-5437.



Pathways to Family Wellness

Price Range: $25-$45. Pathways magazine offers the chiropractor pertinent information and resources for patients. Its professional layout and timely articles help parents make informed health care choices. For more information, call 1-610-5652360.



Kids Day America

Price Range: per availability. Add an average of 30 New Families to your practice by joining your colleagues in the biggest day in the history of our profession for chiropractors helping children. For more information, call 1-732-295-5437.


Home Study Courses

Price ranges from $29.95 and up. Previously held LIVE webinars on pregnancy care and marketing are available on CD-Rom, complete with class notes and all of the bonus materials. Pop it into your computer and go! For more information, call 1-641-715-3900, ext. 29864.


Other Products

OPTP’s Maternity SI-LOC

Price Range: $31.00 – $33.00. This belt’s unique “no buckle” design gives it superior ability to stay in place – the result of wide, medical grade, non-slip pads. This lightweight and breathable belt is tapered at the innominates for even pressure distribution. For more information, call 1-800-367-7393



The Vaccination Lecture Kit

Price: $499. Researched vaccination kit includes three PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials, everything you need to give patients information they will be talking about for a long time. For more information, call 1-800-537-3001.



Ultra Young Soles®

Price: Call for pricing. Just for kids! Three arch supports for posture as children grow. For more information, call Foot Levelers at 1-800-553-4860.



Adjusting Tools    



Pro-ArthroStim® with three optional custom features, $1203. “Certification in multiple chiropractic techniques & the ArthroStim® being the most versatile instrument on the market allowed us to devise our own treatment system for children and adults.” For more information, contact IMPAC, Inc., at 1-800-569-8624, or 1-503-581-3239.


Erchonia Adjuster

Price: Call for Pricing. The Erchonia Variable Adjustor is a cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic adjusting device. It’s a portable, self-contained unit for ease of use. It’s 8.06″ height, 11.19″. For more information, call Erchonia at 1-214-544-2228 or 1-888-242-0571.



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