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MyFit™ Pillow Gives More Restful Night’s Sleep

Roanoke, VA-


January 19, 2011- The new MyFit™ pillow is all about you. MyFit™ is a new brand distributed exclusively by Foot Levelers, the leading manufacturer of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.
Unlike one-size-fits-all pillows, MyFit™ custom pillows provide patients with proper neck and shoulder support and reduce tossing and turning.
MyFit™ features SureRest™ Technology, which supports proper alignment of head, neck, and shoulders.  When patients change positions during the night, the ergonomic design of the Multi-Support Cradle™ ensures a level sleeping surface for proper alignment and comfort.
MyFit™ features a 300-thread count, natural cotton cover that is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial to combat dust mites and other allergens.  

For more information about MyFit, call: 800.553.4860, or visit myfitology.com.


Corganics Pain Gel Offers Relief


Corganics offers Relief, an OTC non-prescriptive analgesic cream with a synergistic proprietary blend of essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Palmarosa & Sweet Orange), plus Aloe, Vitamin E, MSM and L-Arginine.  This unique combination of all natural ingredients is designed to provide superior effectiveness and versatility regarding personal pain management problems along with inflammatory symptoms.  The synergy within Relief’s formulation is also believed to actively stimulate proprioceptor cells to further enhance positive results.  Patients say they love Relief’s fragrance, how it feels on their skin and how amazingly well Relief really works for longer time periods.   To order call Corganics at 866-939-9541 or go to www.reliefcream.com

Easy Billing, Inc is pleased to announce the release of our newest medical billing software product: Easy Billing Professional, serving the Chiropractic profession, since 1994. Windows and Macintosh, ability to produce 1000’s of self generated custom and canned reports, worklists, shared claim tasks, patient and claim notes, custom letters, forms and a scheduler. Electronic billing with auto payment posting, CMS 1500 and Superbill Receipts and much more.. Starting at $1795.00 Call today for a demo at 800.618.6136


KMC University launches new product: KMCU Community College



community_collegeDenver-based KMC University just launched its newest offering, the KMCU Community College.

This new KMC University product comes at the right time when thousands of Doctors in the Chiropractic field are looking to gain access to proven systems and methods they can use to improve their bottom lines. KMCU Community College offers an unlimited access to a 24-hour, specialized Help Desk via email as well as to the KMC University’s Monthly Live Webinars, all accompanied with a 33% discount on products and services showcased in their online store.

“We are thrilled to launch the KMCU Community College” Kathy Mills Chang, President and CEO of KMC University says. “Many Doctors need the expertise we have in the areas of Coding, Billing and Collections, Medicare and Patient Finances –and this product delivers precisely that, at an affordable price, whenever they need it, and with a level of commitment that works for them.”

vrpFor more information about the KMC Community College, please call 1-888-659-8777 or visit www.kmcuniversity.com


The Framingham study zeroed in on cholesterol as the cause of heart disease, I researched items that might introduce this culprit into the blood streams of otherwise healthy individuals. Suddenly eggs (here to fore known as the perfect food) and butter became suspect in the development of heart disease, I lived with a father who ate eggs and butter every day of his life and died at age 89 from a botched gall bladder surgery. Since then I was able to disprove the cholesterol theory, to my own satisfaction as well as hundreds of patients, through the use of a product called VRP. For more information go to vrpheart.com or call 352-347-3477.


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