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David Singer Enterprises and Standard Process®
Fight for Insurance Reimbursement

Dr. David Singer of David Singer Enterprises and Standard Process® Vitamins unite to fight for better chiropractic insurance reimbursement. Dr Singer is donating all fees from his live two-hour  training teleconferences to the National Chiropractor Legal Action Fund (NCLAF). Standard Process® Vitamins will match funds raised by Dr. Singer, dollar for dollar, which will go to fight for better insurance reimbursement and inclusion of chiropractic in national health care reform.

NCLAF, advocate of the American Chiropractic Association, is fighting current Medicare law that discriminates against doctors of chiropractic and the beneficiaries who wish to receive their treatment, seeking better insurance reimbursement.

“I have made it my personal quest to raise money for the National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund to enable them to continue their work defending the chiropractic practitioner, our profession and our patients,” says Dr. Singer.

Dr. Singer has scheduled many power-packed, real “meat and potatoes” live teleconferences for chiropractors over the coming months to help reach more patients who want a natural approach to their health. He is keeping each teleconference size minimal so that he can teach his unique techniques and provide personal attention to attendees.

For more information on attending the live teleconference call 1-800-326-1797 and ask for Daffney or visit Dr. Singer at www.davidsingerenterprises.com. For more information on Standard Process Vitamins, visit www.standardprocess.com



OxyHealth: Paving the way for the Modern Hyperbaric Practice

OxyHealth has grown into a worldwide chamber powerhouse that puts customer service as its  top priority when it comes to the chamber business. With a full line of portable soft-walled and steel chambers to meet the needs of doctors and patients, there is no shortage of flexibility and variety when making the choice to buy from OxyHealth. OxyHealth has refined “industry standards” and paved the way for the modern hyperbaric practice. Our track record on safety and performance is reflected in our shear numbers—over 6,500 chambers sold and 1.5 million (yearly!) treatments administered in OxyHealth chambers. With a 10-year flawless record that others strive to meet, OxyHealth is the winning team customers seek. For more information call 1-877-789-0123.



On-the-Go Support for Your Patients

Give your patients cervical support even when they are away from home, with Foot Levelers’  travel pillow called the Mini-Travler®. This pillow is small enough to go anywhere, yet large enough to give your patients the support they need.

Designed to promote optimal joint stability for chiropractic patients, these pillows support your patients while they sleep. Foot Levelers’ pillows begin with a versatile, “4-in-1” patented design that provides an appropriate edge for everyone—regardless of size, age, or body type. Each pillow has a narrow and wide edge and soft and medium center, so there are four options in one pillow!

The travel pillow is available in two sizes: the Mini-Travler® for most adults and the Jr. Travler® for children and small-framed adults.

Give your patients long-lasting, on-the-go support with Foot Levelers’ pillows. To order or for more information, call us today at 1-800-553-4860 (USA), 1-800-344-4860 (CAN), or visit us online at www.FootLevelers.com.


Alternatives for Healing

 Alternatives for Healing is a leading holistic directory for finding practitioners and alternative therapies. They offer over 100 therapies you can list under to help potential clients find you. If you would like to get more exposure for the services and therapies you provide—join www.AlternativesForHealing.com today!




Support Your Patients on a Whole New Level

 To help others achieve an extraordinary quality of health, America’s #1 peak performance coach Anthony Robbins has teamed up with former Harvard Nutritionist Dr. Stacey J. Bell, D.Sc., to create Inner Balance, a revolutionary line of health products that will help revitalize, restore, and rejuvenate your physical well-being. Not only are most Inner Balance products dairy-, yeast-, hormone-, peanut-, and gluten-free, they’re also free of artificial colors and flavors and align with most vegetarian diets. Inner Balance is made with 100% organic ingredients.

With Inner Balance:

• Create peak levels of vitality and energy.

• Restore body tissue to a healthy pH balance.

• Revitalize your body for everyday efficiency.

Call 1-800-397-6182 today to learn more about carrying Anthony Robbins Inner Balance nutritional products at your practice, and give your patients the opportunity to extend the effects of your care and experience vibrant physical health.


Urinary Tract Health…No Prescription Required

 Progressive Laboratories, Irving, Texas, has introduced U-Tract Complete, a unique blend of D-Mannose, Cranbumycin® and UTIRose Hibiscus extracts for urinary tract health. This dynamic combination of ingredients creates an environment that is unfavorable for bacterial proliferation and their ability to adhere to the urinary tract lining so that they are easily eliminated naturally. Studies show consistant activity against E. coli (responsible for 80-90% of UTI`s), Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Candida albicans. U-Tract Complete is a first-line alternative to antibiotics that will not disrupt the natural flora.

For more information call 1-800-527-9512.


Supporting the Body’s Natural Capacity to Heal

Standard Process Inc.® proudly introduces Gotu Kola Complex, the newest herbal supplement created by MediHerb®, an Australian herbal products company. Our bodies have an amazing ability for regeneration, continually repairing and maintaining themselves throughout our lives. Gotu Kola Complex is an innovative product designed to support the body’s natural tissue repair process.

 Available exclusively through MediHerb’s United States distributor, Standard Process, Gotu Kola Complex provides a synergistic combination of Gotu Kola herb, Grape Seed and Ginkgo concentrated extracts. This unique product also helps support all types of connective tissues throughout the body including skin, stomach and duodenal tissue.

Healthy circulation also plays a vital role in supporting the body’s natural capacity to heal. Grape Seed supports vascular integrity, and Ginkgo supports peripheral circulation. This exciting product additionally provides antioxidant protection and promotes the body’s normal tissue drainage process.

Standard Process exclusively distributes MediHerb’s dietary herbal supplements in the United States. The companies partnered in 2001 to provide U.S. health care professionals with the very best in nutritional whole food and herbal supplements.

For more information on the nutritional benefits of Gotu Kola Complex, visit www.standardprocess.com.

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